Can you spot yourself in this Warrior video - no really, it's YOU!

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I idled away an hour over the weekend and produced this video for you.

It's a bit of fun, but you might like to spot yourself in it.

Turn the volume up and enjoy

And just to pre-empt some questions:

Yes - the music was used for The Apprentice, it's 'For The Love of Money' by The O'Jays.

No - not everyone is featured (sorry) but there's about 700 Warriors in this video!!

I really must get a life!

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  • Profile picture of the author graphicsgenie
    Thank God!

    I REALLY needed to sneeze during that, but thought If I blinked I might miss me,

    Really glad I was on in the first 90 seconds, I think I might have died otherwise,

    Yes, I know, I'm wiping the screen now!
    • Profile picture of the author Ken Leatherman

      your right you need a life. LOL. BTW I should have had at least a minute and a half on me so everybody could see how pretty my granddaughter is.

      P.S. Yes she gets her looks from "The Old Geezer"
  • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
    Cool Peter! I was scared to blink. Thought you'd missed me out until I got to 3.30. Vanity! Vanity!

    Bet you'll get a lot of views though


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