The Offline Cash Cow - How Much Do You Charge?

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If your involved in offering internet marketing services to local businesses,
let's say you offer the following;

Web design/redesign
Link Building
Email Marketing (setting up autoresponders etc)

What would you charge and would you charge a one-off payment or recurring?

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    Hi Nick,

    I do a onetime fee + monthly.

    On average $5K to get started and an average of $1500 per month for basic web-marketing. (Local SEO, autoresponder, and initial web consulting and redesign).

    By targeting just the businesses that "qualify" for this payment range, it's been fairly successful. I work with 25 clients exclusively.

    Mark Robbins
    Recurring Revenue
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    I have seen $197 for a 5 page website. Other than that everything would be different. If I was doing ppc for them it would be $197 plus costs of the campaign. Right there, they are looking at $400.

    Add in SEO, content, link building, hosting and email marketing. I would say an extra $97 for SEO, same for link building (plus content costs for using linkvana) hosting would be a yearly amount ($200) and email marketing I would charge per AR email, plus squeeze page setup.

    Hope some of that helps. Those are starter prices I would use. Good Luck.
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    I'm thinking it depends a lot on your skill levels entering into offline marketing....are you a seasoned veteran at web design with a existing porfolio....or someone just starting, doing just your own sites basically...
    (This holds true for most services, not just web design)

    I've seen pricing for web design by some new to offline as low as 200.00 for a basic site....and as high as 10,000.00 by some of the advanced members.

    I believe you have to know your market & offer what the local market will bare...also you have to know your skill level...(can you walk the walk so to speak).

    There is always outsourcing for any service you personally do not have a full grasp on or are too busy to tend to...but still, you should have a basic knowledge of what you are offering to at least make an honest estimate or proposal & do not under value your tasks...

    Some basic pricing outline I use is:

    Secure, install, configure, autoresponder with 2 newsletter template designs & adding any existing customer data into the system, with 1 confirmation broadcast: $500.00 onetime payment
    *Note: I set-up accounts for each client separate, installed on their servers

    Newsletter / customer database management: $150.00 - $200.00 month

    SEO: Initial set-up: $800.00 - $1,200.00 onetime payment
    SEO Management: $150.00 - $250.00 per month

    Web design / Re-design: Basic 3 page web site:
    WP theme: $750.00 (add-ons extra)
    HTML template: $750.00 (add-ons extra) (avg price usually ends up around $1,200-$1,500)
    Custom HTML: $350.00 per page (avg)
    Flash: priced accordingly

    Re-designs: $200.00 per page +/- (add-ons extra)

    Blog Account: WP - $500.00 set-up onetime payment
    $100.00 monthly managment (4 submittals)

    Social Networking Accounts: $100.00 account set-up - onetime payment.
    $300.00 per month list / tweet management
    (Twitter - Facebook - Linkedin - Boomj)

    Video Marketing: quoted per project

    Article Marketing: $35.00 - $50.00 per article / press release

    SEM - Search Engine Marketing (PPC) - $200.00 account set-up + campaign costs
    Monthly management Varies per campaign, usually a % fee

    Hosting: $7.50 - $25.00 per month (depending on size needed - I offer 3 levels) - plus they use my affiliate links

    *Many time I will increase these numbers depending on the client & how I evaluate each situation...but these numbers are a basic outline I use...

    Hope this helps,

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    1. $7,500 USD for online internet business consulting and training.
    2. $25,000 USD for individual consulting and training (1 month).
    3. $75,000 USD for company consulting and training (2 months).

    Never followed the cash cow, although it does seem pretty good. #1 is online, #2 and #3 are offline.

    I have an entire team of strategically positioned consultants, who I personally trained.

    To be honest, I don't make many sales for #2 and #3, but they have sold out due to availability limits and I'm not aiming for volume.

    The respective fees include all the software, tools, resources, material etc... website installation and optimization, plus supervised internet marketing campaign launch.

    Offline fees cover our consultant's stay, food, tickets and all that also.

    Then again, I offer something that no one else does, page 1 Google organic rankings for any keyword, regardless of competition. 100% white hat.

    If you have something unique to offer and if you think you have what it takes, don't be afraid to charge those amounts.

    Individuals, and especially companies will purchase.
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    I think it's very important that you know how much is their marketing budget before you start presenting your services. So not only can you price them and offer services accordingly within their budget, you also don't waste time together, coz right away they will know whether they can afford you or not.
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    For all of you people thta think a few thousand per month is too much to charge for an integrated online marketing campaign, take a look at this. I was one of those that worked for an e-commerce start up during the dot com boom a decade ago. Our senior management team came from Fortune 500 consumer products companies like Proctor and Gamble and RJR / Nabisco. We had an office in Manhattan and another in Seattle. We were trying to get a 3rd round of financing, so they were trying to do some things to look good for wall street. Apparently saving money didn't enter in to that equation.

    A web development company in Seattle gave us a bid of $85,000 to do our website, back end order processing system, and database. That did not include any SEO or email marketing. Keep in mind that was back when there were not off the shelf options like we have today.

    The thing is that our management team turned them down. Not because they were too expensive, but because there was a company in New York that thought wall street had a better opinion of. That company charged us about $350,000 for the exact same thing as were going to get from the company in Seattle. So, companies will pay big money for this sort of thing.
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    Originally Posted by billyboy View Post

    soooooo if they pay it it's fine? I mean that SEO who charge $3,000 for one phrase....aren't they betetr of using google adwords?

    Many seem to say "well, they pay it and they are businesses so charge high prices." but just because you can doesn't make it right either. Sure if paying $3,000 brings in $4,000+ worth of business it's good. But does it? Some of the SEO I see are simply ripping other businesses off. That's ok?

    I mean charging thousands for phrases that will not bring enough customers to me, is not right.....
    The whole world's been ripping us off anyway. You see it's the year 2000+ but we're still buying/using fossil fuel, why? Because they won't sell alternative energy until we run out of oil. They will max it out first just like when they release Pentium 1, they'll max it out before releasing Pentium 2... or Ipod, how many version have there been? They're ripping us off. For all I know Steve jobs already has Ipod Flea since the day of cassettes.

    Anyway enough rant....

    It's true. Big companies tend to believe those who charge more because if you charge $100 for a site that is suppose to make them hundreds of thousands, they'll think you're probably kidding them.

    You know what, when I was confined in the hospital, a doctor visited me for another time even though he knew I was already fine. I thought he was ripping me off, because every visit he does will be charged on my hospital bill. Everybody rips us off in a subtle manner.
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    Hey Ken,

    You're balls on right! Bigger cities can justify higher fees as there's more opportunity for the business (and you as a consultant). Thanks for sharing your pricing model!

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    Hello fellow Warriors,

    The pricing here is all over the map but is NOT out of line.

    I have a client I'm trying to land right now. The conglomerate has 16 websites (essentially one for each business). Get this, they're frickin considering Network Solutions as their SEO/SEM company!

    YES, the SAME Network Solutions company that sells domain names at inflated prices! Here's their business model...
    • They have the 4 hour seminars in major cities charging $129 per seat.
    • Also provide a "free" website critique
    • Then sell you on the back end obviously.

    Here's the link....Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Seminar - Network Solutions

    I think it's a brilliant model that's similar to the "cash cow" system we're all aware of. I also like they're free webinar videos on the site. Good, free info for potential clients.

    So, back to my story. This client I'm trying to win the business from here in Chicago was quoted $47,000 for basic SEO only for all the web properties. It's a 3 month contract and a "one and done" meaning Network Solutions walks away after this initial assignment. Want onging SEO/SEM? Sign here, press hard, you're making 3 copies. Who knows what they'll charge for this. The client was told "we'll talk after we get you going". Yeah right, a slick sales rep that's for sure.

    My pricing came in much lower which now has them "scared" as they're questioning me on why my price is SO LOW. The good news is that the $47K is way out of their budget so I'm still in the running here. I will know next week.

    I'm going to spend the $129 and attend the next Chicago event. I'll document their sales process and emulate from there. I think it will be the best money spent on this offline niche as far as training. You all should consider this as opposed to another "offline" WSO. :-)

    Forgive me if it seems I hijacked this post but just wanted to share with everyone that no pricing is too nutty. It's whatever the market will bare as mentioned already.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Thanks for all the info! Big help.
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    Thanks for this post. I have learnt so much on this post than a $27 value ebook on the subject

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