Micro payments workable now?

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Hello All - Is anyone working with micropayments? Meaning payments of $.25-$.01 USD? I have googled a little bit and see some software to do kind of what I want but I am worried about the backend payments, refunds etc. I am looking to do a post to pay, moderate for payment site in general.
Anyone currently using this model? I would be happy to hear from you with suggestions, pitfalls, experiences with processors.


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    BUMP - Anyone, really...
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      It would take 100,000 sales to make $25,000 dollars.

      It would take 10,000 sales to make $2,500 dollars.

      $.25 is not even a good qualifier for a buyer lead.

      On my latest product it takes me just 20 sales to make $2k and many of those people turn around and buy one or more of my other products on the back end immediately.

      I can see why there is not much interest.

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