I'm having problem with JVZoo and Paypal. Help?

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Hi Warriors

I'm setting up my squeze+oto+everything else. So I uploaded my oto product at jzvoo and followed through everything, however when I "Test Purchase" I get this message "PayPal reports that one of the emails involved in this transaction is currently restricted. This purchase cannot be made currently. ".

I've never been a vendor, never sold anything, mostly I use it to pay for envato or any other buying transaction I make which most of the times become successful unless I have no funds in my bank.

I live in the USA, my account is verified and even have a business account. (I did this when I tried creating an online web design business but never did any action).

So I don't know what's wrong, I tried contacting Paypal but they are closed.

Any help from you guys will be appreciated.

Thank you.
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    Trying switching to WarriorPlus , JVzoo have been having alot of technical problems lately.
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      Does warrior-plus work like jvzoo? I bought a course and I have this squeeze page + OTO offer on which I've to put my "Buy Now" code from jvzoo, my offer it's a PLR WordPress plugin, so it's not like it is my own made product, that's why I don't believe it will work with warrior-plus.

      I've contacted jvzoo and will contact Paypal once they open their office.
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      Originally Posted by curly sue View Post

      Trying switching to WarriorPlus , JVzoo have been having alot of technical problems lately.
      Unfortunately it isnt lately. I use JVZoo only because my affiliates are all ready there. However I wish I knew more about JVZoo a year ago when I first started getting affiliates for my software.

      JVZoo is by far one of the junkiest sites I have ever seen, its reminds me of something I would have written in my freshman year. Actually even then I doubt I would have put out something of such poor quality, even very basic functionality on the site does not work.

      My advice dont get screwed like I did. I have 250 active affiliates that get paid and are set up through JVZoo .. Im now stuck with JVZoo because I would be abandoning them if I left, also I have reoccurring payments on some products that are all set up through JVZoo , further keeping me stuck with them.

      In hind sight though I really wish I had never even heard of them. They really are that bad.While JVZoo has a decent support team, and they have a really good 'vision' there technical team and ability is very sub par.
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    Can anyone tell me why they think JVZoo is so bad?

    Sorry but just saying that they are bad and not backing it up with good reasons is not good enough. I'd like to know why you think that. What kinda technical problems have they've been having?

    PS. I'm still undecided on which system to use and looking into both of them; JVZoo and Warrior Plus.
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    I call Paypal, and they confirmed my account is 100% working as it should to receive payments. So I submitted another ticket to jvzoo today, they initially say it was probably Paypal's fault but I don't think so.
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      Originally Posted by cjalvarez91 View Post

      I call Paypal, and they confirmed my account is 100% working as it should to receive payments. So I submitted another ticket to jvzoo today, they initially say it was probably Paypal's fault but I don't think so.
      If your JvZoo account is still new, I'd suggest you contact Jvzoo to remove your existing account & make another account.
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    JvZoo contacted me back and they are putting the responsibility on Paypal. They are both taking me back and forth. I might be losing some valuable sales from this, and can't get this fixed. I tried Warrior Plus but it requires me to post a WSO post which it's unnecessary because like I said, it's a PLR product - nothing special.

    If this helps, I'm doing list building for internet market niche. I set up an opting page plus an OTO just to try things out, I'm not really worried about making a lot of money, I'm just trying to test and learn, I'm new to this and taking action.

    And I'm already sending traffic to it, bad idea to do it now? Yes but I take it as a lesson learned and I guess it's all process of the learning curve.
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    I am having problems with JVzoo as a purchaser. I have their receipt of payment. I have paypal's receipt of payment. My account has been debited but JKVZoo will not send my download pages. This has been happening since October 20th. I have to go to the vendor and convince them I as a genuine purchaser and if I am lucky they will give me a download link.
    There is absolutely no way I can challenge JVzoo who are actually stealing my money and not providing the service they have been contracted to do.
    Any suggestions of how I can get this sorted?

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