Which logo is better, $20 to the person who....

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Picks their favourite logo from this choice of 9 and the reason why they like it the best.

I will select my favourite from that and post later on

The site will be offering logo design / stationery sets / websites to offline clients

Looking forward to your thoughts

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    Link doesn't work for me?

  • Profile picture of the author lakshaybehl
    Darren you owe me twenty lol

    Bacause there is a 404 error on that URL and I am going to sleep just now.
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    The requested URL /HotlinkAlarm/HA.php was not found on this server.
    I'd love to look, but cannot?

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
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      With a bit of creative link manipulation, I was able to see the 9...

      I think the #5 one is best... Why?
      Well, 1,2,3,4 and 7 remind me of a billiard ball (eight ball anyone?)
      And #5 has more color...

      Be Well!
      ECS Dave
  • Profile picture of the author KarlWarren
    Number 5, closely followed by 8

    The contrast between sizes of the lettering in the two words gives it a nice balance...
    I'd prefer to see the colours reversed on the words though.

    The B, icon used in number 5 also has a more pleasing balance to it than the pool ball effect which has too much weight to it.

    The 'virtual' three colour design is nice, the lack of white ring in most of the other designs instantly draws me to number 5.
    • Profile picture of the author grey77
      Darren . . .
      Link still does not work for me. Might it be Firefox browser?
      Would love to see the logos.
    • Profile picture of the author Keith Boisvert
      Ok, I can see it now.

      I actually like #7.

      Because the letters are consistant size wise, and the "b" in the circle is tilited so it drwas your attention(prolly could be a bit less of an angle)

      And the circle filled in and the glass effect also draws your eyes.

      ...And because I said so.

  • Profile picture of the author Eric Reimers
    Personally I don't like the looks of that 404 logo, just to plain and ordinary.
  • Profile picture of the author Kat Bartone
    #6 is the absolute BEST for a number of reasons:

    a. By elimination, the outer ring on numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 is too large, creating a heavy effect to the entire graphic.

    b. Also by elimination, numbers 5 and 8 are graphically interesting, but the complexity of the graphic doesn't 'wear well' after several viewings.

    This leaves # 6 and 9 - and while the tilt on # 9 shares some synchronicity with the concept of term 'offline', it is a bit dissonant when taken as part of the whole picture.

    And aside from process of elimination, # 6 stands out on its own for its simplicity - which continues to be pleasing to the eye after several views, and the "O" and "B" are readily apparent, thus creating a stronger link to the text.

    # 6 Rules!

    ... imho

    - Kat Bartone
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      I like number 5

      The reason i picked that is becasue the B is much bigger making it easier to see and remeber the logo. The with the light green being contrasted by the blue makes it look brighter and better. To me it also looks kind of shinny and i know that people like shinny looking thinkgs.

      Thats the reason i would pick it.

      - Eric
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    #5, it's simplest and most memorable. It could also be that it's in the middle so it's the first one I noticed.
  • Profile picture of the author James Dyson
    Yo Darren! Guessing this is for the project you told me about

    Anyways...I like concept #6.

    Good luck with the project

    -James Dyson
    • Profile picture of the author Mark McWilliams
      Darren it deffinately has to be #8!

      Why, well there is a nice mix of the main colours plus the fact that I like the emblem being on the 'angle' and not looking 'square' if you understand what I'm trying to say!

  • Profile picture of the author Ricky Ticky Toc
    i would say number 8 like the slant and the B stands out nicely
  • Profile picture of the author danette77
    Number 8 catches my attention the most
  • Profile picture of the author Earl Smith
    I like number 8, the colors work well in the design and the tilt works.

    Keep up tha good work.

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