What's the difference between an essay and an article?

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Hello fellow warriors,

Somebody ask me to write an essay, and I am wondering what's the difference between an essay and an article?

I beleive that an essay is where you write your own thoughts and point of view of the subject matter. On the other hand, an article (usually associated with article marketing) is where you write about the topic from all perspective in the interest of your goal for writing that article.

Hope you can share your thoughts.

Thanks a lot.
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    Hi Johnmags:

    Hope all is well tonight. Think of an essay as a personal view (normally on 1 topic) of the author.

    May all be well and good luck with the assignment!
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    Strictly by definition, an essay is generally much shorter and would express a personal opinion for a given fact or set of variables whereas an article (Literally meaning an item) is defined as a writing being contained within the confines of a larger piece of work. (eg your web site)

    That is strictly by definition however, but expect many opinions ... much like loose and lose, resell and resale (Where they re-do a noun? Re-house? Re-car? LOL)

    Many people will tell you that it does not matter at all but those are the actual defined differences between the two.

    Ward Tipton
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    An article does not necessary developed an argument or even display a point of view. It is simply a succinct way of imparting information. Because it is aimed at a readership, internet marketing which seeks to be informed rather than entertained, it has shorter paragraphs than an essay. In other words, it is punchier. It is likely to contain links and references and while being neatly rounded off at the end, does not necessary present any conclusion.

    Very little in practice, an essay is usually developed by your own creative ways of thoughts. Some form of argument and therefore begins with an introduction, has a number of intermediary paragraphs in which the argument is developed and then arrives at a conclusion which is set out in the final paragraph.
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