What is the maximum number of people we can follow on twitter in a single day?

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Hello All,

Is there any daily limit on the numbers of people we can follow on twitter in a single day?
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    As Far as I know there isn't a limit to follow per day but the overall limit is 2000 last time I checked, this may have changed now.

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    When I was starting out, I read in a marketing on Twitter guide you could follow about 300 per day and be safe. I followed 400 a day and had no problems.

    Although in a technical sense, until you have 2,000 followers, you can only follow 2,000 people. After that you're limited to following 10% more than you have following you.

    So I have about 5,500 followers, and that means I can follow 550 more than that, or 6,050.

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    The limits are:

    1,000 follows/day - this is fairly recent.

    2,000 follows total - You can follow 2,000 people without any restriction other than the 1,000/day. After that, your followers have to equal at least 90% of the number of people you want to follow. So if you're following people without being followed back you'll hit this.

    1,000 updates/day - That's a lot of tweeting!

    100 API calls/hours - you'll see this on twitter clients -- every time they refresh they're using an API call.
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    Twitter.com doesn't reveal the "numbers" policy.

    However, many say that the first limit is 2000 (not per day or per month, just 2000). After that, you can follow about 10% of your followers (ie if you have 2000 followers you'd be able to follow 200 more and then you'll have to wait).
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    I've heard from a few people recently that they were cut off after following 1000 people, as was mentioned above. In the past I followed about 2000 people in one day - then was cut off from following more until I had 2000 people following ME.

    But Twitter is constantly changing the way things work, in an effort to keep out spammers.

    They are still pretty liberal overall compared to, say, Facebook.
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    Any tried recently? What are the numbers a day? I've been reading that you should keep it under 50 these days. Any exprience?
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    If you are not spamming, Retweeting a few times and interacting with some of your followers, 1000 is the daily limit. If you are just spamming, you can be suspended or banned even if you do not follow anyone.

    In other words... if the powers to be at twitter feel your presence there is more positive than negative, you can get away with more. (But your account will hit the glass ceiling at the 1,000th person you follow in a 24 hr period.)
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    I have been following 500 per day on a new account without any problems. I think I may up that a little. Does anyone know any tricks on maximizing followers they would like to share?
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    Technically you cannot follow more than 1000 people in a day and total limit is 2000 for every user and rest is proportionate with followers to followings

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