Awesome JV Partnership Opportunity

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I have been receiving emails and PMs from folks saying that they would like to partner with me on a great JV opportunity.

Seems they have this great product and if I promote it, they will give me 50% - 60% as commissions.

I'm sorry, but I thought JV stood for Joint Venture.

All this is, is a request to join your affiliate program for a product I've never even heard of before. How does this help my business and my latest products?

If you want me to join your affiliate program, just ask. Don't try and disguise it as a JV partnership.

Allen Graves
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    So what in your opinion constitutes a JV offer?

    It would be helpful to explain what you think is a valid JV offer and what Affiliate means to you as a person.

    Seems like whoever asked to JV with you, could have been right or wrong. It depends on how you view things.

    If I had a great product, but not a list and came to you... offering you 60% of the profits generated by it if you offered it to you list, then that doesn't make you an affiliate. Just food for thought. Not that I am the one that wanted to JV with you...I was just curious what you constitute as being a JV partner and what an affiliate is.
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      Here is my definition of a true JV and I will never deviate from it regardless
      of what anybody says. Yes, on this point I am a stubborn SOB.

      A JV is where two or more people create and market a product or service
      together...period...end of discussion.

      Anything else is just one guy pimping another guy's product which is nothing
      more than you being another affiliate for the product.
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    I get this too Allen, and find it annoying.

    Or here is a new one. I have someone on my newsletter that has their own site and periodically they email me to say they like my newsletter. I answer back. Their answer back always seems to be with the intent to offer me to join their affiliate program.

    This last time, they wanted me to give away 6 free 6 month memberships. Hey, that is nice, but what would be in it for me? The only way I could see it working is if I offer that as a bonus for a sale I would offer, as otherwise, I am just sending my people over to him with no compensation.

    I got busy and did not answer back. Soon a second email came reminding me he had an affiliate program.



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