So what is it about the first sale...

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Alright I am not talking about my very first sale. But I am talking about the very first sale for my latest project. No matter how much you make ... that first sale is just special!

And more so if you aren't even expecting it. Considering I just started beta testing and am giving out free credit to people who register, I totally did not expect any orders today.

So it was great to receive my first. Yay!! It makes me feel as good as my very first sale.

Just had to share it!

So am I the only one who still jumps like crazy at first sales from new projects?
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    I'm also happy for every first sale of every projects I have. I know your feeling, so keep up the good work and Congrats!
    • Profile picture of the author KenJ
      I agree totally
      I'm jumping all over the place.

      It means that the idea works -no question - you can't deny the evidence of a real live sale

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