Where Can I Buy Premium Wordpress Templates With Resell Rights?

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I'm looking to buy high quality Wordpress templates with resell rights any suggestions?
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  • Profile picture of the author Istvan Horvath
    I didn't really hear about such products... and there might be a reason for that.

    Well known WP theme designers/developers tend to sell their products (themes) at the few well-known and trusted sites. There, usually, you can get a copy for personal use or - for a way higher price - a developer licence. Which, basically, gives you the right to "resell" it to your clients.

    Other than that - why would anybody buy from your site if they can go to the original source? (just wondering)
  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Emanuels
    You can buy theme rights at:

    WordPress Themes | Website Templates | Create a Website | ThemeForest

    But I think the license is too expensive.
  • Profile picture of the author Brian Lett
    Just to clarify what I think was going on in the last few posts, I think when @Dave90210 was referring the "Theme Forest", he was addressing what @Jonathan Emanuels had said, not @Istvan Horvath.

    I believe that Dave's response was to both posts.

    Having said that, there is no WordPress template with resell rights that I know of. The closest that I have seen is an affiliate program.
  • Profile picture of the author stoltingmediagroup
    For those that are saying that they never heard of WP themes with Resell Rights, there are actually hundreds if not thousands of these types of products available online. Some may be labeled PLR, and others MRR etc. Simply do a Google search, to see examples.
  • Profile picture of the author Mike Hlatky
    You can buy PSD templates from Template Monster, convert them to Wordpress themes and then sell them as you please.

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