I'm so rubbish!!! Great domain - no idea...

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I bought a domain a while back, something that I think is fairly unique - and due to other commitments, I've never done anything with it.

The domain is mrktr.com (the web 2.0 style of writing marketer) and I think it would be great for a marketing blog.

What on Earth should I do with it?
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    Who is Mr KTR? When you find him you can sell it for BIG $$$!

    Maybe you could use it as a nice web2.0 marketing blog if you decide to expand out of graphics?

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      How bout this for starters...

      Set up a site under a pen name, and use the 'Mr'. Then fill in the rest- First name, middle name, and last name. All three initials in the url, but the name of the site reveals the full name of the person behind it. -

      Mr. Mark Trevor Randolf - SEO Expert

      Or something like..

      Mr. Money-Train Realtor

      Bad example, but you get the idea

      Then, sell some hot reports about the topic, hook up a payment processor script like DL Guard or one of those $7 scripts, and you're good to go. Being that you're good with graphics, it's obvious to stick with that unless you're secretly into real estate or something

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    Originally Posted by KarlWarren View Post

    What on Earth should I do with it?
    WordPress it!

    And as you're into the graphics, why not outsource all the articles and pre-load them all into WP and use the TimeStamp feature. Maybe have some of the articles reworded, and then submit them to eZineArticles and link back to the blog.

    Something along those lines anyway, and try to build the site with loads of content. Don't fill it with hundreds of links, and go from there. You could always sell it after and get even more $$$ then you could have just for the domain.


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