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Here's the scenario...talkin' about a coupon page

I want to setup an opt-in page that upon successfully opting-in the subscriber
would be taken to a success page that would have the current months coupon offer

- OK that part is easy - no worries

Here's the thing...the product is consumable so it's possible they'd want to get it
more then once in the same month and use another coupon again

So now here's where I'm stuck

option 1. Tell them right on the site to find the initial email and goto the
special page to get the coupons again for the same month

option 2. they show up and they can see the coupon page/opt-in success page
- automatically without doing anything (perhaps done with cookies???? <--help with this part please)

re: option 1. - they might lose the initial email, switch email addy's or whatever

re: option 2. - I don't want a throw away email and have them granted access to
the coupon page each month without being able to communicate with them. Although
when I think about it, this would mean their still using the coupon (hmmmmm)

In addition for option 2 since this would most likely be a cookie based solution
it wouldn't have anything to do with their email so they could in fact give me
a bogus email (again hmmmm)

So I'm asking opinions on how would you approach this

As well does anyone know of a simple script or piece of code I can use
to plant a cookie and then when the person returns they would be
granted access to the coupon page without having to opt-in again

If this in fact is the best solution

And is this possible to use this script/code on different pages

ex.) say I have the coupons set up like

So that I can get the coupons up and ready before hand and then when
I email out the list they are sent to the page with the current months offers

However if they just go and visit the site without the email link that they
are granted access by clicking on a special offers section

Or would you suggest I send them to the same page each month just
change the coupon offer?

Does all that make sense????

- Scott Logan
Night Owl Marketing

Wishing You Whole Life Success!
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    Why don't you just detect if they have already optin and reissue a new coupon in that case?

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      to expand on this more

      the coupons are for a restaurant I'm working with so there is more then one
      coupon and they have to be printed from off the net

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