You're Kidding me!

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I think has a script error.

A few days ago I watched a friend of mine enter random names like dave, kim, makingmoney, etc as usernames in a PDC link code. Here is what happened. After the link redirected to the site it had the code in it for, with the name mike, kim, or whatever that affiliate got imported into his PDC acct as a real person so that he could email them and ask for their promotion of his new site. He ended up with tons of new affiliates since PDC has over 20 million registered affiliates with them.

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    huh? what? how is that for real?
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    20 Million Registered Affiliates... That's a little hard to believe

    Did you report this problem to Mike Filsaime?

    Mike Hill
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      Let me reinstate this. PDC gives a string of numbers that goes up in count with each new registered affiliate. The number that my buddy had represented that his account was over the 20th million registrant. So our assumption was PDC has over 20 million nicknames registered to it. He did like makingmoney, kim, dave, rich, etc in this string of codes and it imported that real affiliate into his account. He could do like and easy 100 an hour.


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