Converting Static Sites to WordPress Themes

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I've gotten pretty good at converting static website layouts into widget-ready WordPress themes. So I decided to offer this as a service. But I just can't seem to figure out what to charge.

I've been looking around the forum the past few days for some examples of what other people were charging for similar services, but I couldn't find anything similar enough for me to think I should charge the same. So I finally decided to just ask.

How much would you charge or pay for the following:

1. Converting a static layout into a WP theme. (I'd create the theme, and the client would install it themselves.)

2. Converting a static layout into a WP theme and setting everything up for the client.

3. Converting and setting up the entire site. Which would include creating a WP theme, setting everything up, and moving content from their old site to the new one.

I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me.
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    Thanks so much for the info, Rob.

    What I mean by "setting things up" is doing some of the cosmetic things you have to do to a WP blog after installing a new theme, like alter the header and footer (which can require dealing with HTML and WP template tags), setting up a static front page, and so on. Things some people just might not want to have to fiddle with themselves. And, once that was all done for them, all they'd have to worry about is adding their content.

    So not something all that technical or involved, but I figured some clients would find it convenient.
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      Why not start out charging 'roughly' for your time? If you know it usually takes you 3 hours to create a wordpress template from a static template and your time is currently worth $20/hr. then you could try charging $60, etc.

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