How much traffic is enough?

by Naets 18 replies
I just launched my first site a week ago, and I'm getting more traffic than I thought I would. 629 visits, 504 uniques, and 1109 page views.

My goal is to earn $2000 selling advertising.

Because I am new to this I'm not sure what to compare traffic to. I'm getting excited because I'm getting more traffic than I thought I would in my first few days, but I know I will need the get A LOT more traffic to earn $2000 selling advertising.

What I want to know is this:

Approximately what amount of traffic/pageviews per month do I need to aim for to earn around $2000 a month?

Also, from what amount of traffic can I start approaching companies to sell advertising space.

Hope somebody can help or give some insights into this for me, and for other people who might be wondering the same thing
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