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I am always amazed that successful internet marketers such as Frank Kern, John Reese release viral pdf during the pre-launch.

What is a viral pdf actually and what are the necessary parts of a viral pdf?

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    It's basically a tease...it gets the customer thinking that's good, I need to buy the full product. The Viral PDF can be given away so people pass this to friends and the viral thing happens.
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    Yes, and let's not forget the all-important "join my list so you can keep on getting more information" invitation that most seem to have. ; )

    - Jay
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    What are the components of the pdf that make it so viral?
    Normally, there are actual mechanisms that allow a person to brand the pdf in some way.

    There is a product called viral pdf. When they download the pdf that has been prepared with this they also receive a small exe file. When the details are entered and the application run, it actually places some information into the pdf. You can also buy online versions of this type of software that instantly brands the pdf as they download it, such as turbopdf.

    So you could use this by -

    Allowing the person receiving the pdf to brand their website as a live link on the opening page of the pdf. For example, it might say, "this ebook distributed by...(live link here)"

    What is much more powerful for both parties is this - Let's say you have a new product and you run an affiliate program. You give your affiliates a quality free ebook to distribute. But instead of allowing them to just add their website link, you allow them to brand it with their affiliate link. The subject of the ebook is a presell for your product.

    And at the end, where you provide a link to the product so that the pre-sold reader can click it and go to buy, you allow the affiliate to brand this link with THEIR affiliate link to YOUR product.

    So effectively, you are giving your affiliates a turnkey money making system.

    All they have to do is give this ebook away and they can make sales of your product via their affiliate link = win/win.

    Does that explain the 'viralness?' It's not just viral because people want to distibute it because it's good. They do it because it makes them money easily.

    It's viral because you have given them a COMPELLING reason to pass it on to as many people as possible - therefore the distribution of the pdf grows rapidly.
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    Originally Posted by jhongren View Post


    What is a viral pdf actually and what are the necessary parts of a viral pdf?


    Hi John,

    To know how a viral pdf works, download these rebrandable reports to see the WIIFM when you share them.

    Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Program - How To Be An Expert Persuader

    Basically, it promotes your site, name, and a multitude of your affiliate links.

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      Thanks Guys. Your replies are all splendid and gave me a clearer picture of how I can create my viral pdf for my ebook. :p


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