It is possible to change a bumped WSO headline!

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EDIT: Sorry this got posted twice. The first time I clicked POST it went to an Error Page And I didn't think it got posted, So I Posted again. Now it's here twice.

Hi all,

I did some quick research and If I'm understanding correctly it is possible to change the subject of a bumped WSO.

The Catch?

It has to be done by a Mod.

So how does that help anything?

Well, I remember back on the old forum if we wanted a title change, a $5 brew to the right Mod would do the trick.

Maybe something like this could be done here.

With Allen's approval of course we could send a $5 or whatever payment to a chosen Mod and get the title changed. After that we could bump the WSO. Or maybe Allen will put up a payment feature for a bump and one with a bump with title change.

That way we could test new Subject Lines while maintaining our post/comment counts.


George Wright
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