How long did it take to create your OWN product?

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Hey Guys,

I was sitting here think about how long it took
me to create my latest product...3 days, I started
on a Friday and finished on a Sunday...

How long did it take you to create your products?

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    Originally Posted by David_Thompson View Post

    Hey Guys,

    I was sitting here think about how long it took
    me to create my latest product...3 days, I started
    on a Friday and finished on a Sunday...

    How long did it take you to create your products?

    Hi David, wow that is really fast. How big is your product?

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      Writing only, I could create a product in a day. But, with all the screenshots and the images I hunt down, it turns it into a much longer project. Well, worth it though.

      When I'm creating, I'm head down for up to 20 hours a day. Don't get in my way!
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    Originally Posted by David_Thompson View Post

    Hey Guys,

    I was sitting here think about how long it took
    me to create my latest product...3 days, I started
    on a Friday and finished on a Sunday...

    How long did it take you to create your products?

    My first product took about a month...and there were two of us working on it!

    But things have gotten much easier since then. I wrote my most recent product over a weekend.
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      It took me a week to write my first e-book, that's complete with interviews and research3 days or less is pretty awesome.
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      Originally Posted by Brian McElroy View Post

      I prefer to keep it to 24 hours or less

      First one took about a week.

      Brian you crack me me up mate...24 hours...LOL

      But you I believe you really do take 24hours..

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    It depends on my interest level and how much time I can devote to it before my family starts feeling neglected.

    I can create a product quickly if I start with PLR for ideas and do my own thing from there. I can also work up something fast if I have another project I can't wait to get started on (but won't let myself start until the current one is finished!)

    I have to continually fight with myself about over-tweaking and trying to make everything perfect.

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      For our latest project, James B Allen came down here and we brainstormed for 4 days in my office. After he went back up north, we had daily Skype meetings. It was a little over 1 1/2 weeks of full throttle and long, long hours, but we created 2 volumes of what I believe to be one of my best productions yet.

      Just gotta put all else aside. I put my other project on standstill for that time.

      Last night -- after the final proofreading and zipping -- I took Rieko out to Hyatt Regency's Hawaiian BBQ where we ate way too much and drank way too much. My philosophy is work hard and party hard.
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      My first product took me about 2 months, was a 2 ebook package
      with 8 BONUS EBOOKS. So it was quite massive and ambitious to say the
      least, especially for a first product. I've always been a bit of an over achiever
      so I wanted this to be really off the charts.

      The results?

      I sold 200 units a month with only 1 active affiliate for almost a whole year.

      Not too shabby if I have to say so myself.

      Today, I take my time making products because I want them to be absolutely
      perfect. I can afford the luxury since I really don't have to make anything
      anymore anyway with all the stuff I already have out there. So I'll take about
      3 weeks to create an ebook, sales page, free report, squeeze page,
      supporting articles, autoresponder series and video. And I can probably
      create one such product a month if I wanted to.

      For me to bang out a product in a day, I'd have to really not give a sh*t
      about it and that's just not me.
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    Just finished my first one. Took me about a week.

    BUT, that being said. If I didn't suffer from raging, "ooh, look at the pretty colors" ADD then I probably could have finished in a few days.

    Oh well, you do what you can with what you have...
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    Well, it really depends on the type and magnitude of the product but being a perfectionist, don’t expect anything from me in less than a week!

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    Originally Posted by David_Thompson View Post

    Hey Guys,

    I was sitting here think about how long it took
    me to create my latest product...3 days, I started
    on a Friday and finished on a Sunday...

    How long did it take you to create your products?

    I can usually get the foundation done in 2-3 days, and then finish up everything else on day 4-5. I admit, I could do it much faster, but I'm easily distracted by lots of things: kids, tv, etc...
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      I'm about 2 hours of actual work in right now, and I expect to have it done by thursday or friday-maybe 10 hours of actual writing and researching. A bit longer including the companion videos I want to make

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    Hi David!

    My first online product was a physical book and took about six months to get it to deliverable condition. (doing it all myself).

    My second product was a digital product and took only about three weeks to get it to deliverable condition. (again, doing it all myself).

    Needless to say, all my products since then, so far, have been digital.
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    Most of you guys make me embarrassed!

    It took three months to write my ebook (but it's 213 pages) and now, almost two years later, I'm getting to launch it properly. The rest of the time has been spent learning a little about marketing...and autoresponders, and free ebooks, and list-building, and video, and video editing, and rewriting web site copy, and WYSIWYG programs, and typeface selection, and...oh heck, I forget!

    I feel as if I have been going through an extensive university education -- and maybe that's not far off.

    Just call me stubborn, but I'm determined to bring this book to as many people as I can, especially young people, so they don't have to learn the investment ropes the hard way.
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      About two months to complete the last version of W3Counter, my real time web stats service that competes with Google Analytics and the likes.

      A day to complete WP Review Site, my WordPress plugin that's sold over 100 copies the past two weeks.

      Two hours to complete FeedLines, my single page feed aggregator which has sold a few dozen copies as well.

      When I was 13, I developed a customizable portal website for webmasters in Perl in one day while sick with "walking pneumonia" (you don't feel all that bad but have zero energy and sleep a lot).
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    It can take anywhere from 1 hour to a week to design a full product from scratch
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      What I want to know is how quickly can you produce a quality product in a niche you don't have any knowledge or experience in...

      Much love,
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    My first week I had my first book. It's still the most popular one by far.
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      Our first product was a video, mp3 and pdf together as a package. The video took one day to film and one day to edit. The mp3 took an hour to record and about the same to edit. The pdf was a transcript of the video and mp3 so was mostly already written - we spent about half a day to edit and polish its presentation. So altogether, about three whole days.

      The interesting thing is - we learned so much from doing the first one that the next three videos/mp3's/pdf's took two days altogether.

      Another problem we encountered was not wanting to put our products up for sale until they were 'perfect'. We can both be perfectionists at times and that can stop us from getting the project finished.

      We had to accept that the products were 'good enough'. Sometimes we have to just let go and step away.

      I guess we can always come back later and make a new improved version.


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      I created an online mlm course - 150 page ebook(s), 40 (yes FORTY) tutorial videos, and a slew of bonuses... It took me 250 HOURS to do over the course of 2 1/2 months..

      It was long mostly because of the videos and I actually created all of the download pages and sales page myself (ughhh)...

      My second 'product' was a free self help ebook that took me about a week to do. I was more excited about the viral aspect of the sales funnel I made than the book itself... haha

      I enjoy personal development so I wanted to give my own spin on a few "over talked about" topics. The book is called "Change Your Life At Will..." It's more about getting out of your own way and taking ACTION towards your future.

      Adam Holland
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    My first real product is getting ready to launch at the end of the month. It will have taken me about 3 months to put together about 10 hours of video, eBook, lesson guide, bonuses, website and promo videos.

    However, over the course of those 3 months I've put in close to 100 hours of nights and weekends.

    Here's hoping to a successful launch.
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      My first product was a 90+ page ebook that took me about 2 weeks to write... more if you include the rewrites and trying to make it 'perfect'. Add the time to find, edit, rewrite and write the bonuses and sales page, and design the graphics and it was closer to 2 months. (Yup! I did it all.)

      The biggest problem is getting the job done before I lose interest, which takes about 2 weeks.

      The next biggest problem is producing a quality product of original content, rather than rehashed crap many others have written. A difficult goal for some of my subjects.

      Now, if I could find a phenomenal, exciting subject that holds my interest, is easy to produce and will make me a ton of money... {hint, hint}


      Crap! This came out much better first time I wrote it... when my browser locked up and I lost it.
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    im still at wrk with my lastest program, but it been 2 weeks now.
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    I guess my experience is not typical after reading the other posts here.
    Perhaps each product's history is a bit different. Mine would be more in line with the Facebooks of this world than the typical eBook or interview product-creation experience. Whoever said software development is difficult might have been onto something... Let me elaborate: I have been working on this product full time, and actually what is taking enormous chunks of time is not the coding part (that's relatively easy) but the "maturation" of the product. Unlike an interview product, where you might only need 1 take and you can wrap the product up in an afternoon, software goes through this very time-expensive process of continuous evolution, as both ideas and features evolve. My product has now gotten pretty sophisticated and I am glad to see how well it has evolved, but I never would have expected it to take so much time. The initial idea sounded simple enough...

    My Product name: Squizmore.
    Development start: March 2011
    Today: July 2012
    Difference: 17 months (and counting).

    I'm new here, but not new to IM: I'm a moderator on another popular IM forum, and just got here yesterday because I want to take Squizmore for a spin in your WSO wonderwheel, see how the IM niche reacts to it ... hopefully by going for their wallet... haha

    Squizmore is an IM platform, it competes with WordPress and a few others, so it would be curious how such an assault on WP's entrenched position in this niche will play out ...

    Well, on the grand scheme of things, IM is the new Klondike, and both WP and my Squizmore, and a few others (kajabi, aweber, etc), all sell the same thing: shovels to all the gold-diggers out here.

    Anyway, interesting thread, my answer to your question is 17 months. Hopefully there is a direct relation between time spent on product development, and the product quality ... otherwise, I just lost 17 months of my life for nothing - haha
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    Was a simply affiliate marketing ebook for newbies, took around 3 days too. Very basic stuff though.
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    This thread was started in 2008.
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    My second ebook took 7 months to create ... forever I forget how long my first took - it was so long ago. Like 1998.
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    First product 12 years ago: 1 year to research/write/edit, another year for production and to build out the website. But that product has been a steady seller since launched in 2000, with only occasional updates.

    Shortest product: 1 day to write, another to proof and edit, 2 days for production and building the site pages.

    Current project: 3 years to research and write the first draft, 1 year to re-write/proof/edit/test. Website buildout has been done along the way. We hope this one will be another "evergreen" seller. Full-time writer/editor.

    Next project: Considerably shorter time frame (can't take another one of those long ones....)
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    With complete focus, I could complete a product back to front in about 3 days. the framework around it like email swipes, sales page, graphics, autoresponders and the like can add to the process but should be implemented.
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    My first eBook took me about two weeks to complete. The website and marketing materials took about the same. Back then I had no method to my madness.

    Now I can create a good quality eBook and website in about a week in a half if I work on it everyday!

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