What to do with a "great" domain name?

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Hello all,

First off as you may notice to the left, I am a Warrior noob and what I would call an online money making guy noob. Trust me, I have plenty of walls and just one head. I've tried bunches, failed lots but won't give up. I'm so sick and tired of my job I could scream until I yak...so I push on...my kids need me home.

I'm not totally a Warrior noob. That search function is incredible. I've never had a chance to post until now much less read the new posts.

So back to the original thread, what would you do with a "great" domain name? I understand that a name is just that. Different to different people along with different industries and nitches, etc. I really don't like to mention names and stuff. Even the sig block gets a little stuffy for me, but I now own --> idiot.tv <--

This might be the exact name I've been looking for (I'll wait until you're done laughing) but for right now it's just pointed to a clickbank offer. I keep thinking of alot of funny, odd, strange and cool things to do, but what would you do with it? How would you monetize it (quickly?)?

I sincerely look forward to some great ideas. Many thanks in advance!

PS I guess I better hurry up and figure out how to work this new forum format. Looks great Allen.
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    Firstly how/where did you get it and how much did you pay for it? Its a great name... if you got it cheap and need cash, sell it at auction.

    Otherwise I think it has good development potential.
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      I got it over at enom and I paid pretty good for it. I couldn't pass it up.

      I would prefer the development potential end.
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    I have a quick idea for you. It is something that would be relatively easy to do until you can figure out your long term plans.

    Put up a wordpress blog with the necessary voting plugins, and post videos from youtube (and other video sites) of people doing stupid things, and let the users vote on each video and make comments on them.

    Also, you could have a contest and let others submit the videos for you to post about, and get some sponsors to give you some prizes.

    Anyway, I could go on and on, as it is a good domain with lots of possibilities.

    Good luck!

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      Hey Mike,

      That is a great idea. I think I can pull something like this off. It could evolve from there quite nicely.

      To show my noobness, why wordpress?

      I understand the possibilities going on and on. That's a problem with me. I must commit (done), focus, and act. It's that last part that always trips me up somewhere. I think it is just unfocused action maybe.

      Thanks for the help.

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