Could Someone Still Be Stealing My Affiliate Commissions?

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I recently began promoting a series of products by a certain company with YouTube videos. I'm using pretty link to mask my affiliate url, but of course you can still see it once you click through.

I had a couple sales pretty close together at first with very little traffic. So I kept on adding more videos, and now I have a ton of them with a whole lot more click throughs but no more sales.

I haven't changed the wording or anything with the call to action, the only thing that's different now is that I'm sending a whole lot more traffic.

I've been looking through my pretty link stats, and I suspect that a large number of the click throughs are actually bots, because some of the same urls visit multiple videos within several seconds of each other. But surely the ratio of bots to real users hasn't changed since I started promoting this.

It seems like there must be something weird going on. I've never had commissions stolen from me before, that I'm aware of, but I'm wondering if hackers are up to no good. The company doesn't seem like it would withhold earnings from me, since they credited me with those 2 sales early on.
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    you have more videos you`ll have more crawling bots to click the links.. that doesn`t necessarily mean someone is stealing your commissions.. continue what you are doing and you will get more sales.
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    Thanks, mrgoe. I hope you're right. This is by far the most videos I've ever put up for the same related products, so I didn't know about that. I guess there's some type of amplifying effect where the amount of bots going between videos increases exponentially with more videos.

    Maybe I've been paying too much attention to my analytics. I wonder if there's really any way I could find out though if I continue to not make sales. I clicked through my links though, and the affiliate link remains intact.

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