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Ok this might not be revolutionary but i haven't read anything about it so i just though i would share it.

Basically what i do is i base my niche on a niche that has lots of forums.

Then what i do is i contact the owner of these forums and ask them if i can advertise on there site.

Now i know that this has been done but i ask them to do it in a different way.

What i do is i ask the admin to post himself in his forums telling his forum people to buy the product because it is great.

This works out great every time because the people trust the person telling them to buy the product and its very cheap usually much less then putting ads on there site and you convert much better i would say.

For me 2 days ago a admin posted for me on his forum for 5 dollars and since them 17 people from that forum have signed up.

- Eric
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    Thats awesome Eric, keep up the good work!
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      Quite a good twist on an age-old tactic.
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  • Profile picture of the author Earl Smith
    Good Job, thats a great twist to make it an original. Don't let it stop there.

    Have a Great Week
    • Profile picture of the author Zach Booker
      very nice tactic!
    • Profile picture of the author Frank Bruno
      For some of the smaller forums this is a bit easier to penetrate but for larger ones it's going to be more difficult convincing the admin of the forums to recommend your product without some sort of compensation or existing authority within the forums.

      One of the issues is you can't be in all forums at all times so it's hard to establish authority at multiple forums, something that you'll need to do before you approach a an admin of a large forum.

      Frank Bruno

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