Are you a Leader? What is Your Definition?

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What defines a Leader?

And how do apply this trait into your business?

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    Is it because of bad breath that is why he is so far? Just kidding

    I think to become a leader you need to create more leaders. In business, it's like setting up more group distribution for the delegation of tasks to make it seamless, effective and have 100% quality. You'll be tough if you can create such group. And having such group, you will be a leader.
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      I don't consider myself a leader in IM. I consider people like John Reese, Frank
      Kern and Mike Filsaime, among others, leaders.

      I'm just a hard worker.

      And I'm fine with that.
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    Originally Posted by The IM Reporter View Post

    Well someone like that isn't my definition of a leader.

    A leader works with people, he gains the best from them probably without them even realising it.

    They will work for him/her tirelessly because he/she inspires them with their work ethic and vision.


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