Does anyone accept Bitcoin for their WSO?

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I wasn't sure about the rules or anything, but I'm releasing a WSO later on this month and wondered if Bitcoin would be an acceptable way to receive a payment. Has someone already done this?
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    You would need to contact the mods to confirm that. I haven't seen anyone accept them as yet. So long as it's not your only form of payment since very few people probably have bitcoins.
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    Yeah, I sort of want it to take off just because I'm a techno geek, but it might be worth it to offer the WSO extremely cheap as bitcoin, only because the prices are shooting up a lot again now that Baidu has started accepting them. I think this forum would do well using them especially on how many sellers get screwed by people who do paypal chargebacks.
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    I've just been researching Bitcoins because a website I buy from in the Netherlands has just switched to them.

    I won't be attaching my bank account to their service at this time. Seems a little risky. Maybe if they change their process in the future.

    I would guess you would get very few if any BC buyers.
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    This would be a cool option, but keep in mind that Bitcoin value fluctuates. It features built-in scarcity to keep prices high, but it can crash at any time, as well.
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    I'm not worried about it crashing. Honestly I don't spend much on a WSO, it's mostly my time so if the prices dip 15% after I made my sales yeah it kinda sucks, but at the same time it might go up 15% after my sales.

    I think I might release it and offer Paypal or Bitcoins, I would make them the same price though.
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    I think it's a cool idea.

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    While they are used by some, the majority of people here use Paypal. I don't think that your WSO will start a bitcoin movement on the WF. I know I would never use them and I'm sure there are a lot of others who have no interest in bitcoin.
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    Bit what? we want good ole cash, USD, Euro's, Pounds
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    I never seen any1 using bitcoins for wso so far.But i did saw some guys accepting bitcoins as payment for link building stuff especially for high pr links.
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    If PayPal ever accepted Bitcoin then maybe it would get a FEW people out of the woodwork to buy products but I just don't see it taking off the way that others have forecasted it to. Nor do I see PayPal ever accepting it. Bitcoin is too small a market still.
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    Haha - funny! Nice one, though mate.

    Unfortunately, Bitcoin is much too volatile currently to be used as currency.

    The Cyprus government is currently accenting Bitcoin to pay for educational courses but they can only do this by immediately converting it into euros.

    As WSOs are sold through PayPal I think will have to wait for them to catch up!

    It will be a while, LOL

    But I admire the effort.

    Interesting point – if the dollar collapses (which I think is a definite possibility) should we be in Bitcoin?

    Who knows – perhaps there's a WSO in there somewhere?


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    it's a shit idea cause majourity of your buyers don't have them . thus if your niche is somehow connected to bitcoins it may increase the amount of buyers
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    1 bitcoin=$1000
    how do we make change...or is this a stupid
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    If I had no affiliates I would have no problem accepting Paypal + CC and Bitcoin payments of 0.x , 0.0x or 0.00x for some simple offers.
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    I accept bitcoin for other projects but I haven't directly connected it to my WSO. Pretty good idea actually, it all ads up in the end.
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    The better question here is how would refunds work with BitCoins? I doubt they will allow it because buyers would have no way of disputing something they weren't happy with.
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    I think having BitCoins as another option would be great. However I do not believe either WSO Pro or JVZoo are compatible.

    Many people on here can't use PayPal and would love an alternative.


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