Do you REALLY need an email list?

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One of the first things I learned after YEARS of making money online was that everybody was into building email lists. I had been running a business online but never knew anything about IM.

Then I went to WarriorForum and saw all this hype everywhere about how important it was to collect emails, that the email list was the most important thing. That the email list could be used for auto-responders, sales funnels, and regular pitches of offers, etc, etc.

Well anyway...I did find to the email list to be useful but it wasn't the #1 most financially rewarding thing for me. In fact, I got along for a while without it.

What's BETTER than the email list is to build an amazing website (usually something to do with passion) that is essential to people's lives. Something that they will check EVERY SINGLE DAY, the same way you would with your email. People were checking emails, Facebook, Youtube, and MY SITE.

And I made so much money this way because instead of having to design my site around collecting emails, I could design more around having useful content and then selling my stuff. The visitors were constantly coming back so I didn't have to nag or beg or remind them of stuff happening. They were checking back constantly and requesting/begging me to put up new stuff. People were reading my site from school, from work, while on the toilet, while at the Apple store (AHAHAHA).

If you can get to this kind of relationship with your website visitors, it's better than having to rely on an email list. I'm not saying email lists aren't useful but just know that you can do better than that.
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    I don't think it should be a debate of "an email list or a better website"...both are important and central to Internet Marketers. Like you have said one can do with an email list and without a website and still make money and vice versa, so ultimately its for everyone to choose what they are comfortable working with.

    Think of email list and website like tools in a toolbox alongside many other tools - naturally some tools will be used more than others, depending on the person using the tools, the purpose and so on.

    Some people will never own websites and would prefer running their businesses using email lists forever, that's just them. Others like you don't need email lists and you have accomplished everything with your website, again that's just you.

    I think its a good thing that people can get to pick and use whatever tools they want whichever way suits them so long as they get the results they want. After all it should be about the results, not the tools.
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    Agree I see is as more of a piece then the only way to reach my audience.
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    Both philosophies seem to work depending on how you like to run your business. I would be concerned about traffic drying up to a site that is dependent on organic search results due to circumstances beyond my control.

    With a list, especially a buyers list, you have the very best traffic source that will never dry up.... as long as you have built a solid relationship with your subscribers, just as you are now doing with your website visitors.

    Why not have both methods working for you?
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    If you have a really useful site with lots of traffic, then you can make it even better with an email list, no doubt about that. There will always be a % of people who don't visit so often so you have to reach out to them.

    Even Facebook sends notification emails to draw traffic back to their site.

    Of course, if you are already raking it in, then maybe you can do away with an email list but not everyone is so good.

    Actually, the most important thing is you must have access to people, be it an email list, a FB page with likes or better still, if you know many people with big lists, then you are made
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    Yea I agree. It's actually worked for me & my business alot. I now have over 120K contacts alone. I think it's very important. It help's you build a clientele. Your own network. An it's targeted.
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    Whether or not you need an email list totally depends on the niche you're targeting and at the same time the kind of goals you have with your website. For example, if your site is about reviewing software products, you may very well stick to getting as much organic traffic to it as possible.

    On the other hand, if your website is a blog where you regularly post updates in the form of good content, then you should probably own a newsletter so that you can convert more of your new readers into regular ones, and also promote relevant products to them.
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    Building a list and an attractive Site with keyword targeting name is always important and recommended.

    What's BETTER than the email list is to build an amazing website (usually something to do with passion) that is essential to people's lives. Something that they will check EVERY SINGLE DAY,
    People check their horroscope daily, but this isn't enough, you need more than that.
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    If you have a good site with content people want to see, they will go out of their way to bookmark your site and check back regularly and you won't have to chase them down.
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    Personally, I don't NEED an email list. I have heard for years
    that the money is in the list and if you don't have one, then
    you're leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

    I've captured leads and they pretty much went to waste because
    I personally have no interest in developing an email series to
    follow up with them. It was an unpleasant chore for me.

    Glad to hear about your experience and success outside of
    building the infamous list. Kudos to you, man!
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    You are absolutely right! The best combination is a great blog / website with an email opt in. It is just important to capture the information of your visitor and to build up a lasting relationship with him!
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    I believe that yes you do in fact need an email list. I also think that your method will work with building a website but why not do both. If you really want to build a relationship with your subscriber then you should build up a good email lists and then email them the value that you are putting on your website. This is good because having an email list is good for promoting different things in your business. If you just launch a new website and you want to get traffic to it you can send information about it to your email list. I truly think that an email list is one of the most important things you can have in your business.
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    As many other people have stated -- sure you can make money without an email list, but you are putting all your trust in Google.

    With how many changes Google makes to their algorithm almost every month, you are risking your entire business.You can easily have your sites knocked down from the top and your income will show because of it.

    Not only are you taking a chance by relying solely on Google -- but even if your sites all stayed at page 1, you are leaving TONS of money on the table by not creating a list.

    With a list you can easily develop a relationship with you're prospects connecting with them on a deeper level by giving them massive value, and showing them what has and has not worked for you.

    The result in this is they are much more likely to buy what you recommend -- and not only one time but for as long as you keep them on your list.

    This is how many people earn 6 to 7 figures a year online. They have a list of very targeted prospects they can send wherever they want, usually resulting in thousands of visitors.
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    It all boils down to whether you want a fast nickel or a slow dime.
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    Build a relationship with a list and you are able to market different products to them or
    send out emails and make sales to them.

    Sure both are excellent but a website is far more labor intensive and can be at the mercy of google, depending on how you are driving traffic to it.

    My opinion is that the list offers greater freedom and flexibility. It is much easier to make money with a list.

    As Adrianne said, it is important to do what you like. Which one do you enjoy? Which one do you believe in? Which one is fun to you...doesn't seem like work to you? If you love! Obviously, both are good and together they are best case scenario.
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    Also, still trying to find out the asnwer

    just start using autoresponder, and hopefully find the asnwer for this "Do you REALLY need an email list?" matter also :>
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    With the advancement of technology nowadays, the building an email list might be considered obsolete. But, I know it’s still the most basic and the easiest way to drive more traffic to my website.

    I still make use of email lists right now and I know a lot of people still do too.

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    It’s Why The BIG Gurus Always Say… “The Money Is In The List” It All Starts By Building A Double Opt-In List!

    One of the golden rules of marketing is “The money is in the list”. The money is not in innovation. It’s not in products. It’s not in services.

    Email is the absolute center of the Internet universe!

    You have to have an email address to sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or any of Google’s services and there is no indication this will change any time soon.
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    Yup people say, that the money is in the list.

    I am on the verge of starting to build my first list. We will see what happens

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    As I mentioned in different email list threads, I never built an email list but I maintain my business afloat. Email list is important but for people like me who is not a fan of email subscriptions and hate receiving offers through email, I stay away....
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    Nah you dont "really" need an email list to make money. You can get sales from frontend buyers by leading them straight to your sales page... and then "hope" that they remember you in the future and buy from you in the future.

    But you can advance the issue (and the profits) with an email list. In my experiences the dough comes faster, and it's predictable... especially with each new lead that you get.

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