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So you have written and published a bunch of articles. Some have been wild successes and other duds. Now do you attempt to duplicate your success by writing articles very similar to the successful ones? I mean using essentially the same titles but just shifting the words a little bit? Or would this kill the juice of your original successful article?

I ask this because some of my best article titles have been almost copied exactly by others and now their articles are getting thousands of hits. Should I do the same or would it kill my the success of my original article?
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    Yup, that's a technique I've been using very successfully for almost a year. I revealed my method of finding and using titles during my presentation at this year's System Seminar. A few folks took the information and placed it in their own products so it has spread throughout the Internet.

    Also what I was recommending was capitalizing on this by making use of pen names so you could essentially fill the top spot up on Google with all of your articles.

    I will tell you that in order offset this implemented a change in their system so that you can no longer have the exact title of your article as another author which means you must add a few extra words here and there but this hasn't caused a problem because as long as you identify the root keyword phrase in the title that is responsible for the page views you simply add another phrase before or after teh main keyword phrase.

    This allows you to stay within the guidelines established by and still enjoy lots of page views!!!!

    Keep in mind that as the search engines change so do the article directories which is why I'm always working on finding new methods to harness the full ROI from any article I submit.


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