I'm selling about 1 eBook per day on average in Kindle!

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Okay, so I do no marketing for my Kindle eBooks. I have the same eBooks for sale on my website, and I do all my marketing for my website. I just kinda let them sit there on Kindle.

My "marketing" strategy was essentially to make my titles "SEO Friendly" for my eBooks. It's resulting in about 1 - 2 book sales per day.

I have 5 books....3 of them are $3.99. 1 of them is $0.99 (I offer it for free on my website in exchange for signing up for my mailing list). 1 of them is $4.99, but it's a 3-in-1 deal...

My $0.99 book is the most popular of the 5. My one $3.99 book is the second most popular. The $4.99 one (which is the 3-for-1 deal) is very new, and I've only sold one copy since it's been up (which happened yesterday, but I listed it for sale almost 3 months ago). The other 2 of them sell maybe once every 2 months if I'm lucky.

....So I guess I'm doing okay considering no promotion.

My question is....how do I "scale" this?

What would some marketing suggestions be?

I'm using YouTube, Facebook, and forums to promote my website....because I'd rather have people go there to buy my books...I get the full amount then . However, maybe there is a way to sell more copies of these books directly from the Amazon store complete separate from my website marketing strategy....Any suggestions?
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    Congrats on your results!

    Believe it or not, the best way is to build up your library of ebooks. Just by adding titles, you will have many buyers who will seek out your back catalog of titles and you will naturally make more sales. I hardly do any promotion and yet as I've grown the number of titles, the sales have gone up at a fast rate. So work on more titles!
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    Nice! I was thinking of the same exact thing...

    BTW, how many books do you have total?
    How long, on average are your books?
    What are your prices?

    Just wondering to see if I'm on the right path.

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    Id disagree. If you have content that you want promoted, it does not make much sense to just go create more content. Content does not promote itself, no matter how much of it you have. Its a much, much more time efficient process to take the eBooks you have and create promotional strategies for each book.

    I highly recommend this free content marketing guide from Neil Patel - Chapter 9 talks tactics on how to promote content.

    The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing
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    I’m selling my ebooks at my website and Clickbank, and now I wrote my first Kindle ebook, and it is following the KDP Select.

    I discovered kboards, which is very helpful, thanks to this first ebook. I'm learning a lot there.

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    Congratulations !
    Nice share, will try it
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    I think you should diversify your choice of e-books and continue promoting them on any channel. The bigger your choice of titles, the more chances you get to sell.
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    Congrats on your results! I am working on a few Kindle of my own for the first time and it's motivating to hear your success.

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    So now is the time to write another one, then another and another and another and another and on and on.
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    My suggestion would be to start to monetize the back-end. Do you have a sales funnel that you have people go through once they purchase your Kindle book? For example, send them to an optin, then have an auto responder follow-up sell them on your other products.

    You can also put links to your other Kindle books within your book, to cross-promote them and boost sales.

    As for the price you have, how are your books ranking? Often, you can lower the price, just to get more downloads/sales to boost the ranking, then raise the price again once you have a good number of reviews and ranking. If you have a good backend in place, then you can also offer it at $2.99 and get more sales, knowing you'll make more in the back-end.
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    Thanks for that suggestion.

    I do link to my other books within all of my books. However, it's not possible to have people opt-in to a list when they purchase my kindle books from Amazon. When they buy from my website, they are are put on a mailing list, but not when they buy directly from the Kindle store.

    I've been considering lowering my prices too in order to get more downloads. Thanks!
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    Just keep writing, or start outsourcing content.

    If you're making 1 sale a day well if you put out a few more ebooks you will be making 2 sales a day then 3, etc.

    The best way to go at your business model is not to devote all your effort into marketing, I would devote more effort into going at it with the brute force approach. Just keep publishing books.

    Also, another idea, something I have done, is take one of your books, and think about a few different types of people you could serve with it. For example when I did this I did it in the relationships market, I outsourced a book about how to get over relationship jealousy, then I turned that content into 6 books by targeting it specifically at different people. So one of the titles is "How To get Over Your Ex-Wife" then the next is "How To get Over Your Ex-Husband" then "How To Get Over Your College Boyfriend" etc.

    You get the idea. Amazon doesn't mind, in fact they probably encourage it because you are publishing more content. Also, the biggest benefit of doing this is that you raise the perceived value because you are creating content that is very specific and focused on a certain persons problem. If you are someone who is wanting to get over relationship jealousy would you buy a general book to get over jealousy or one specifically written for your age and sex...

    This lets you raise the prices of your ebooks because they aren't just general content that appeals to a mass market.
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    I'm glad for you. You should focus now on your marketing in order to reach your goal.
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    The #1 thing you can do is to build an author brand. Writing other books will help but only a little. You need to transition from selling 1 book per day to 100 or more AND have other books to sell.

    The biggest mistake I see most authors make is putting a book (or books) up on the Kindle and then just hoping they will sell and then writing more in hopes that they will sell more too.

    There are tens of thousands of books on there and while you can get some sales here and there, the true 1% of authors who are making SERIOUS money have gone out of their way to brand themselves, market their books effectively, and build a real following that devours all of their current and future books.

    I'd suggest writing another book but you've got to get your marketing going first or else you'll just have another book that sells a few copies a day and while it's better than nothing, why not take the actions that will help you sell tens of thousands more books?
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    I have a fair bit of experience in the Kindle marketplace and am currently selling about 2000 copies a month of one of my books and I have one more very old one that's selling about 2 a day (I know, big difference!)
    Mine are both non-fiction online income guides and both have been very fortunate in terms of receiving positive reviews, etc. The first thing I would need to accurately tell you how you can improve book sales is an overview of what your book is about (marketing for fiction/non-fiction and different genres is VERY different).
    If I had to give you a summary of the best Kindle marketing techniques in one sentence, this is the way to marketing your Kindle eBook successfully. Try to get some good reviews by giving out free copies (take advantage of KDP Select!), and more than anything else, get a killer description written that sells the reader and a beautiful cover done.
    It's a lot easier to say that than to actually do it, so I'll go over what I mean in some more detail here.
    A book’s cover is truly the difference between a $10,000 book and a $100 book in terms of sales, and there are tons of places where you can get one done cheaply. Try looking for one on Fiverr.com (an online marketplace where everything costs $5, and you can find awesome cover designers that will deliver within days).
    Both of my eBook covers were designed on Fiverr for $5 (when searching for a Kindle cover, make sure to select Highest Rated to find the ones with the best reviews and look at the sellers sample work to see what you'll be getting!) You should have an idea of how you want your cover to look before buying so that you can tell the cover designer, as well as some covers from other books that you like.
    As for getting a good description written, you can find copywriters on this forum, on Fiverr, or just write it yourself (I'll be honest with you and tell you I write all of my descriptions myself, but an awesome copywriter could probably help you increase sales!). If you're going to DIY, try looking at other top selling eBook descriptions in your category to get ideas of what sells (it shouldn't be too hard to find competitors). For descriptions I would also recommend using HTML (so you can make headings, subheadings, bold text, italicize etc. etc.) but don't overdo your formatting or your description will look hyped up (which does NOT sell well with Kindle readers).
    Hope this helps, and Kindle is truly a goldmine, even with all the competition. I joined again in 2013, after having left it in 2012 with meagre sales (maybe $50 a month maximum) so my results are very possible even starting now.
    If you need anything else, feel free to PM me,
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    Great job! I have a few ebooks but they arnt doing so well.. Id like to write more but been kinda busy lately. How are you making them "SEO" friendly? Can you explaine?
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    Hi Kelly:
    Perhaps you can put your web site link in your sig. Do not link directly to amazon. Mods do not allow that one. Instead, link to your very own web pages. That would give you more sales and more exposure. Most people do not understand that as an author your need to build up your name. Actually, this is a long term process. Hope that you work on titles and covers. Basically, that is the key to kindle success.
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    You could send out press releases to “Book of the Month Club” type organizations. Try sending a complementary copy of your latest Kindle book to the moderator or president, if they recommend it to their members, it could really boost your sales.
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    As far as Kindle and eBook is concern, you need a little push to get the sales rolling and coming.

    A lot of times, your niche could be responsible for the slow or no sales.

    Things that you might be doing wrong

    What exactly are you writing on? Probably topic people don't care about.

    Have you bothered to checkout the top ebooks that made the most sales on Kindle? What made them so.

    Do you research your niche and keywords before embarking on ebook writing? This could be a big slap on your face because it's like embarking on a journey with no purpose.

    You don't promote and properly optimize your publication, how will you be seen.

    Do you have any reviews on your ebook? People love to see this before parting with their hard earn money and time..

    Have you initiated a giveaway to influence good ratings? You never can tell how many people will love your book from free dates and that's means positive ratings.

    Did your ebook have any negative review? This could set you up for failure especially when the negative remarks is more than the positive. It's natural to have a few negative but if it surpasses the positive then you stand little chances of success because it means less votes for you.

    While all of these won't matter much if you have a site and/or facebook fanpage dedicated to ardent readers and receiving tons of targeted traffic daily. It will naturally run the course for you.

    If you find yourself in the less popular niche or topic people don't care to read about you either take your ebook to them or you are going nowhere..

    Marketing Tips

    Promoting your book has become essential if you want to earn good royalty.

    1. Stop writing and writing meaningless books. John Locke sold over 1million copies at $0.99 in 5months. He had put enough time and resources into the making of the book before and after. What am insinuating here is, research and write your book, get critics to criticize, proof read it before publication. You don't need hundreds of books to make money that's the shot gun approach that doesn't work..

    2. eCover - Your ecover should be attractive and eye catchy, a poor ecover put people away. It's just like cars, people start appreciating the car first by the design before taking a look at the interior and proceeding to part with funds.

    3. Price - You will need to experiment with your price. Basically, set a low price for a book you just published with no reviews, promo or traffic and gradually increase the price as it starts looking up.

    4. Optimization - Don't mess with your site title and description. It's even more vital than the time you put into writing the book because that's what push people into buying your book. Before i eat a food, it has to be appetizing from the outward. An eye-catchy short title and description make the selling quite easy.

    5. Niche - Truly, this is what determines your profitability. Joke with your niche and your royalty will suck. Always take the time to research the niche to know if it's going to have a profitable market. You can use Google keyword planner to ascertain that or browse Kindle to see if topics on that categories make any headway.

    6. Facebook - Build your fan page for solely book readers.. If you have a fan page and some genuine likes you can promote your post on FB for mere $10+. I implore you do this carefully because not all niches convert well on FB. The dating niche will actually be a bang.

    7. SEO - Traffic from the search engine is vital. Lots and lots of business depends and survive off SE. You should create a site around your ebook niche and rank on Google for your keywords. You can also build backlinks to your ebook page to help increase ranking in Google book e.t.c.

    8. Video - Make a killing amazon video trailer is MUST as it does a pretty good job all the time. Optimize the videos for your keywords and rank on Google. I can't emphasize how marvelously this works...

    8. Forums - Sign up for any good book forums or related niche and see how you can promote your book though this has some limitation based on the forum rules..

    9. Kindle Give Away - Set up a free dates for your ebook and giveway free copies. The aim is to help you get reviews that will position your ebook for success. There are cases where positive reviews are all it takes to bank royalties..

    Well, i can go on and on....

    There are lots of ways to promote your amazon Kindle and make money off it.

    To Your Success,
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    Originally Posted by Bkelly301 View Post

    My question is....how do I "scale" this?
    Sell it for $20-$30 on your site. You would need a ton of ebook sales at $3.99 to make any real significant paper in your business. Plus Kindle takes a huge chunk of each sale every time you get one. I think you need more autonomy.
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    Originally Posted by Bkelly301 View Post

    My $0.99 book is the most popular of the 5. My one $3.99 book is the second most popular. The $4.99 one (which is the 3-for-1 deal) is very new, and I've only sold one copy since it's been up (which happened yesterday, but I listed it for sale almost 3 months ago). The other 2 of them sell maybe once every 2 months if I'm lucky.

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