What to do with PLR product?

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Hello Warriors,

What can I do with a PLR product?
And what can I not do? I just got some really interesting ones emailed
to me and I don't know how to use them.
Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Most PLR sellers will give you details on what you can and cannot do (i.e. rewrite at 50%, cannot sell as PLR etc.). I use PLR in the following way: create a special report, create a sales letter to collect email addresses, send the report and a series of articles pre-selling affiliate products or a product that I have created. Hope this gets you started.
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      Yeah, a lot depends on the license given to you by the original creator.

      What kind of PLR product is it? Is it a PDF report, or a series of articles?

      I use PLR content from a membership I have to create VRE sites. I also get PLR reports in the same niches from the PLR membership and those can then be sold as your own products.

      PLR can be very powerful if used correctly.
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    What you can do with your PLR is set out in the agreement which should be included in whatever it is you received. Usually, you can rewrite/add to them adding your own input.

    I've had great success selling PLRs on eBay...as well as through clickbank without spending any money promoting it myself.

    One thing I see that's common in PLRs is that the cover that is included is usually crappy looking and the title is not enticing. I invest a few bucks into a new ecover and I change the title to make the PLR more compelling.

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