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Does anyone know how we can tell the source of the traffic to our articles on Ezinearticles.com? I feel as if it's something so obvious, and that I've missed it; or that, it just isn't possible, and that I just assumed it to be. I know it shows how many views we get, etc, but the actual source? I did do a search here, but didn't find the answer.


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    Total speculation on my part, but I assume that google sends the most traffic to ezinearticles as they do turn up in quite a few google searches.
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      To be honest, I'm not sure that information like that is something they would want released because they do make income from the articles submitted to them by the various article marketers and authors that use their directory.

      However, I would place money that a large majority of their traffic comes from Google because most of the articles that have a high content of page views are ranked high on Google. It's really a great business model they are running because they constantly receive new content submitted to their site every minute of the day which ultimately could lead to them cornering the market on a mass majority of the long tail keyword phrases.


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