New Warrior Forum Critique Section?

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I know there are already several subforums on the board, but I've noticed several new posts on the main board asking for critiques. Website critiques, design critiques, copy critiques, video critiques, etc. etc.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to critique and sometimes I'd like to scan the main board for some marketing/internet marketing posts without all the critique clutter.

Not to mention, that asking for a critique is an easy way to self promote on the main board if that is the OP's underlying intention.

I think a 'Critiques Section' would make a great addition to the forum. Then you could go there when you're in the mood to do some critiquing... and also when you're in the mood to get some critiquing without having to post to the main marketing forum.

Anyone else?

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  • Profile picture of the author ECS Dave
    Not a bad idea John...

    Maybe Allen will consider it.

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
    • Profile picture of the author cj9253
      I agree this would be a great addition to an already great forum. Lets make it the best experience for everybody. Awesome Idea!

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