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Hi warriors,

I need assistance for my blog. I've been trying to find a way to solve the issue but I've had no luck thus far. For my blog, I want a certain page/post to always be shown on the front page.

Any new posts will be below. So no matter how many new posts/pages I make, the selected post/page will still be the top showing one.

Is there a way to do that or a plugin I can use?

Another thing is instead of showing the full blown entry, I'd like to show the summary instead. The settings in Wordpress only allow me to do that for feeds and not posts.

How can my posts/pages be summary view instead?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    I use a squarespace blog and I can set my post to be displayed in order oldest first to newer and Also newer first and then older. Your second question i have no idea how to do.
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    Hi Asher,

    On my blog, I use the adhesive plugin to make some of my posts publish as a sticky so that they stay on the top. Not sure if that plugin works on the updated versions of wordpress though, although there should be a similar plugin.

    Sorry I can't comment on your other question, although we have a number of wordpress experts on the forum who may be able to help.
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      Hi Jan and Carol,

      Thanks for the quick response. Jan Roos, I've never heard of squarespace blog - I'm using Wordpress right now though.
      I'll try the adhesive plugin, thanks for the tip, Carol.


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