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Minor rant here, but I think it's important to post this for anyone thinking of starting an affiliate program.

I've been on a week-long quest for overdue commissions from three different affiliate programs. After giving the affiliate managers/owners ample time to pay on their own, I finally started asking questions.

Here's the thing: I don't write articles, make blog posts, answer forum questions and otherwise promote affiliate programs just because I have nothing else better to do. I work hard at what I do, and considering that an affiliate program is one of the safest and most cost-effective marketing plans (since you only pay your affiliate after they have actually made money for you) it would seem that affiliate program owners would be happy to pay those commissions and keep the momentum going.

The end result of this is yet to be determined. All three have assured me commissions are "on their way" (digital version of, "the check is in the mail") but all promotions for these three are effectively halted for the time being for obvious reasons. They, of course, have already been paid....for months....but the person who brought them the customer has received nothing in return.

The other concern that I have as someone who recommends products and services to other people is my own personal reputation. If I refer someone to a business and they find shoddy service, or similar problems in getting their affiliate commissions, imagine how I look to them. Especially if they have laid out a nice chunk of change.

So treat your affiliates like's an old saying that's been around since affiliate programs really took off, but it's sad that so many people don't heed that advice. These three companies aren't getting a peep out of me until I get my back commissions. In the meantime, I may have no other recourse but to research their competition and see if they are a good replacement.
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    I agree completely. This you may be interested to know is the fall of many offline business owners as well. Not paying salespeople. Believe it or not.

    I remember getting an affiliate payment from a big time player 3 months late once.

    Fortunately there's someone called Clickbank in town. Or what I and a lot of others like to do is use an affiliate script from Rapid Action Profits that pays the affiliates directly for a rotation of sales based upon the percentage set up.

    Don't stop asking them for what's due or they'll forget about it.

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      Failure to pay commissions on time, or even pay them at all is a HUGE problem in this industry. Every marketer that has done any affiliate marketing outside of Clickbank is owed something by somebody.

      The answer is, promote Clickbank. I heard Jonathon Mizel say this in LA earlier this year. "I've always been paid by Clickbank." And he's right. The flip side of the coin is, when recruiting affiliates, realize if you use a 3rd party like CB, it will be easier to get them.
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    So Jenny,

    Will you be willing to help me promote my products if I have instant payment for affiliates?


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    Personally I think Affiliates are the life blood of any affiliate marketer, its a big trust issue if they are doing this to you.

    I believe your affiliates should be paid first, then the rest, what are they thinking?

    Good old fashion customer service should be everywhere.
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      I agree with all that's been said here about Clickbank. I'm a huge fan of it and have found some really amazing affiliate programs through them.

      I guess the thing that boggles my mind about non-payment of affiliates is that the owner has already been paid. I remember one marketer mentioning a few years ago that he would rather not eat than not pay his affiliates because burning that bridge meant many MORE days of not eating if he didn't treat them right!

      As an affiliate marketer (most of my income comes from referrals) I'm putting myself out there knowing that I'm not guaranteed a dime from the work I've already done. Once the work is done, a sale may or may not materialize. Whereas an affiliate program owner creates his or her program and waits for money to come in. The work is primarily done on a "handshake" basis that they will pay you after you produce results. But the results only come after the affiliate has already worked.

      So if you want "super affiliates" who will make you more money that you can imagine, bend over backwards for your affiliates. Create as many tools, graphics, links, sample copy, etc that you can. Follow up with your affiliates, especially the ones who have already made you some money and ask what else you can do for them to make it easier to refer. Find ways to get inactive affiliates going, maybe by offering a bonus or even some free training. Your affiliates are the lifeblood of your business. They are the face to your product and the voice behind your sales message.

      And if you're an affiliate starting out and worried about this whole thing, take the advice here and start out in a network like Clickbank. It's sad that the more advanced and accomplished an affiliate, the harder it is to get paid sometimes because we dare go out of that comfort zone.

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