Found Wealth

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Ever dig into an old pair of jeans and find some money that you forgot was in there? That rules.

Someone asked me about Google Adsense today and although I know nothing about it, I knew I had singed up. I went to check into my account and saw this...

She'd made $1.35 without me knowing it!

I bet Joel Comm is shitting his pants! I'm on your heels buddy...your methods really DO work! <end sarcasm>

I just found that funny. Now the thing to do is to figure out where the hell the click came from and build 100,000 more sites like it....or get a million times more traffic to it....

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  • Profile picture of the author Asher
    One click and you made $1.35. Nice~

    To date, I've had 8 clicks and made $2.95

    In comparison, yours is a lot higher!
    • Profile picture of the author Mike Murphy
      :-) Yes, I'm basking in for a WSO, an ebook and a $1997 home study course coming soon!

      Limited copies on hand of course....when they're gone, they're gone for ever!

      But in all seriousness, I guess I should stop dicking around and pay more attention to this stuff. If it could get some love and turn into another stream, then why not?

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