Does PLR article packages sell?

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I was wondering if people actually buy PLR article packages. I have a huge collection and I mean huge and was wondering if it would be a good idea to sell it. I have mainly done affiliate marketing etc and not much of having my own products. I thought maybe it would be a good start and I was wondering what people thought. Its around 100,000 or so in about every niche plus a few other bonuses. This maybe the wrong place to ask but if its not worth my time then I rather not do it Anyway would love some feedback.

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    If you have a good deal at PLR's, I can buy some of them. ot 100,000 though, but sure I wuld buy sdome that suit my niches. I am also sure that a lot of other warriors keep buying PLR's as well.
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      If it what's people are looking for then yes. I write my own PLR so I think that has something to do with it too. If it's already been out and around the net a bit I'd be a bit iffy about buying it.
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      Thanks for the response. So your saying I would be better off selling it off seperately? I was thinking of selling it as one big package. The only thing is I have no idea what it would go for. There are a few hundred for almost each niche. Some are less and they average around 300 to 1000 words in length.
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    As long as you have good PLRs that people can enjoy then I think you can benefit a lot designing original PLRs has been a new venture for me and it works. But I don't do too many cause I take my time to give customers something that can be useful and enjoyed

    Have a Great Week
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      I would suggest breaking it up a bit. Maybe you could pick a competitive niche and take those articles and create some sort of package. I think people are hesitant to give you a price because theres just so many variables here.

      I do think that offering a package that's over a gig seriously undercuts the value though. People tend to look at that and say "eh", but 200 articles on "flipping houses" seems to wet the appetite more, lol.

      I think the best thing would be to pick a niche and then see what others are selling something similar for, and just give it a try.

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    Yes Jason this is a hot market the trick is they need to have Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights.I would be interested,the idea is to
    put a membership subscription site together and that will depend on your Category and your collection.There is a lot of completion in this market
    but if your collection is good the sky is the limit.
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      I love PLR article packs, particularly if I can find several hundred + per topic that are written well. I'm particular about where I buy them from though.

      If I were to see an offer for 100K or more at once, my immediate question is: Where'd they come from?

      I don't want to buy stuff in a huge package like that if it's just recycled from another membership site and/or provider, and I definitely don't want stuff that can't legally be sold as PLR to begin with.

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