How Large Is YOUR Virtual Empire?

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Hi Warriors:

I've come across many folks working online who advocate a "volume" approach to online success. In other words, have many, many sites, each making a little bit of $. They all add up to a tidy sum.

Or, some will do better than others, but together, they pull in a nice income.

On the other hand, I know folks who will tell you its better to focus your efforts. Make one site work and work hard for your online income.

So I wonder where Warriors stand on this arguement. How big is YOUR online empire?


PS: I currently have 5 sites
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  • Profile picture of the author David Raybould
    Hi Kelvin,

    Great idea for a poll...

    I don't know exactly how many I have, always miss one or two when I count them, but it's about 30...

    I definitely subscribe to the "many sites = more profit" school of thought, so this way I can get into tons of niches..

    Interesting to see what other warriors have going on...

  • Profile picture of the author VinceNouvel
    Yes its really hard to focus on one thing, since opportunity is everywhere on the Internet... I split my time to do current project and time for researching new project. I own around 45 sites... lol

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