Google Chrome updater ALWAYS running

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I installed Google Chrome earlier today to give it a whirl.

I haven't formed any strong opinions either way with the browser itself, but it does have a very annoying side-effect:

A process called "Google Updater" is always running in the background on your computer, even after you've quit out of the browser.

It's designed (presumably) to check for updates to the browser.

Because of this, there is no reason why it should be a seperate process that continues to run even after you close the browser window down.

So if you don't want Google continually checking for updates in the background, make sure you close this process down.

I assume there's an option in the software, though I just removed mine from my start up items.

Just a heads up for other people who don't like software apps dropping their baggage around!

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    Thanks for the heads up.. Just thinking of Downloading them into my PC.

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      I use Ccleaner as a quick way to identify and disable unwanted startup items like google updater. Google and every other company under the sun wants to update you all the time.. I just disable all such things that are put in my startup.

      My normal process is to head to Ccleaner right after I install a program that might have a startup enabled component and disable it.
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