Have you checked out Googles new *stealth* addition?

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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering has anyone used Google's new browser "Chrome" yet?
Google Chrome - Download a new browser

It says it comes with some "sophisticated" technology so was hoping there was some sort of brilliant new tool in there to aid our online marketing escapades

The only "semi-cool" thing I found was a *stealth* browsing privacy option called "incognito". Lets you roam the web without saving browser history, search history, cookies etc.

I suppose it's good if you use Internet cafes and the likes and are a bit privacy paranoid.

The thumbnail feature of your favorite sites is pretty nice but it's no firefox, not yet anyway!

Interested to hear what you think of it?

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    It won't matter what features it has if people don't use it. I predict the younger crowd will hop on it like flys to honey just because it's Google, but I don't think it will have a major impact anytime soon. I downloaded it right after it became available yesterday and spent a day using it. This morning I'm back to IE.
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      IE? Have you not tried out Firefox yet? With the addons for interent marketing tools and other useful things I think it's about 1000 times better than IE.

      You should check it out!
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    I think Chrome still allow cookies, you have options though to disable or able receiving cookies. It is still new & beta...the speed is much faster compare to IE to open standard web...If you read comical Chrome information, this browser is definitely 'different' with others in term of handling web application and memory paging..
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      Does anyone know if Vegas has set the over/under line on how many threads about this will be posted today?

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