Simple Tip: You May Be Losing Sales Because of This

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This sounds like a small thing, but you want to remove all possible frustrations from the order process. Here it is:

Don't make your payment link pop-up in a new window.

I thought more people knew this, but I just saw one of the top ranked products on PayDotCom making this mistake.

If your payment link pops open a new window, it can potentially be blocked by basic pop-up blockers. For the product I'm referring to, my Google Toolbar kept blocking the payment page from opening. I clicked it several times before I realized what was happening. Imagine a non-technical visitor to your site - they may give up and never become a customer.

If there was ever any one thing you want to TEST, it's your payment process. Make sure it works or everything you do to promote your site is in vain.

The other thing I see people doing is having navigation links on their checkout page. On your checkout page you only want the person to do one thing - BUY NOW. Don't give them options to click away and checkout your blog, etc.

Take a minute to check your payment links and checkout page.
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    I never thought of this as one of the parameters to test! I agree the part that pop-up windows will be blocked. Again, only through testing someone will find out if this affects the sales.
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      A very good point!

      I can't tell you how many times i have NOT purchased something because the payment/exit process was just too difficult.

      Once a customer has made a buying decision, you HAVE to make it quick and simple for them to pay.

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