Can You Make Money With Google Adsense?

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Hello Everyone;

I am fairly new to the internet marketing thing and was wondering if you can make good money from having Google Adsense ads on your website?

Last month my beauty site had 164, 000 total vistitors (136,000 unique) and 1,400,000 page views. I heard that you only make a few cents per click on each ad.

My questions are:
1. Can you make decent money with Google adsense?
2. Is it hard to add to your site?
3. What would you estimate I could make a month seeing my totals? I want to make sure it can make some reasonable money and does not take away from my other sales.
4. Can you take it off if you do not like it?
5. I gain most of my rankings by getting listings in directories. Do they not frown upon having adsense on your website?

I appreciate all your advice.

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    1. yes.
    2. no. a few lines of javascript code
    3. that amount of traffic should generate SOME clicks.
    4. yes.
    5. no.
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    I have one adsense site at the moment, and here's the thing: the amount that you earn per click varies hugely depending on a number of factors including which keyword phrase people used to find your site and which ad they clicked on.

    I've literally had days where a click on an ad was worth only pennies but I've also had days where a click was worth a few dollars.

    It's very easy to take off, you can do it at any time.

    It sounds like you have a fantastic amount of visitors but without knowing what your site is about, it's impossible to say whether it would do well with adsense.
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    Hi Sarah

    Congratulations on having a site with so many visitors. If you have alot of sales already it may not be worth adding adsense as it may decrease them.

    To test it why not set up an adsense account but only put ads on some pages. Then after a month compare traffic, clicks on the ads and your sales from both adsense and non afdsrense pages and see if you adsense pages make more money overall or less.

    Alternatively you could set up a new site just for adsense.

    Good luck
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      i earn approx $100 a month for few sites that i dont do anything with.

      I am sure if i had your traffic i could make a lot more

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