Aren't you guys worried about this...

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Hey guys,

over the last day or so I've seen a number of threads
started about this new google chrome browser...

Now that is all well and good but, here's the thing it
just seems to me that we're not to far away from
all the info we will get is only googles point of view!!!

Just imagine every single piece of info coming from one
fix point google.

To me that is disturbing as hell, what you guys think?

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    I agree. Businesses worry about the power of Wal-Mart, which has about 9% of the retail sales market in the US. Well, Google controls 62% of the search market (and rising), and now has an Internet browser.
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      yeah, I started feeling that way a while ago. I actually unistalled everything google related fom my pc's last year, as well as every toolbar and most bho's.
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    All other things being equal, I'd trust Google before Microsoft.

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    I think just like everything else in life there comes a company or brand that people later down the road consider to be a main source. Then there is something or someone that eventually breaks that cycle.

    We might be entering these phases with google as being the dominate search engine but if your catching information that has the source coming from google and not researching somewhere else afterwards then of course that will make you nervous.

    Always check around you see that information from other sources are everywhere.

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