Your Ideal Software/Program?

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Righto, second year of A levels and for computing im required to create a program.

So im thinking of creating a program i can resell to generate me some money for university "killing to birds with one stone"

So what program would you want? im going to be creating it for internet marketers - since i am one well becoming one.

It will be developed in PHP since ive been playing around with that for years and i have developed loads of applications using it.

So Shoot...features, concepts, ideas let me know!
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    A software that automatically generates 2-5 high PR links / day / page to any website from relevant niche sources
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      @ scott
      do you mean something like black hat program? to link spamming in all website that support do follow? lol

      If you manage to get some software done + earn some money out of it. I bet your professor wont hessitate to give you AA... =) YOu are brilliant.. Good Luck..

      I was more of the un organized type.. SO I would love something that could help manage stuff better...
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    Software that adds to the power of the blof software I already use at contentdeskbonus.

    Anything that takes that to the next level is well worth investing in.

    Best of luck

    Barry Plaskow

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