How Many Freebies do you Offer to Your Subscribers?

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Hey everyone,

I am working on few things here and wondering how many
freebies you offer to your members or list.

Do you offer something once a week, monthly etc.

Are they responsive?

Or do you think that giving away to many freebies is

I understand "moving the free line" but
how far do you move it?

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    I do know that Rich, Strategic Profit, having some giveaway like twice a week or so. I personally only offer new freebies one or twice a month.
    Its really hard to compete in "moving the freeline cocept" if you dont have enough capital to start with. Everyone know terms like sacrifising ealry profits. BUt how far one can go is really depend on how much capital they currently have.

    I dont suggest this to any of you who just started in the IM, cause this could instantly killed you business if you bring this concept to deep inside your business.
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      I have just started my first list this morning.. and has 4 subscribers so far so yes.. tips please people
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      I have a new product or gift to giveaway once a month. Now this can be effective if what you are giving away is not just scraps thrown together or just a poor quality gift.

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