How do I make $10K a month working from home?

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Let me get to the point straight! I want to make a six figure yearly income..

Then 6 figure monthly income...

Please share some of your thoughts on how one can do that by staying at home. I want to hear it from those who are in that level, or nearly there.

I am not requesting you to share the whole thing or the exact blueprint; just give me some of your best tips you would give to your little brother, I can then research, apply and improvise.

About my current online status: In 6 years in IM, my peak was making a low 4 figure a month income with design services, affiliate marketing & ad sells, I just want to take this to the next level.

Update: 01-10-2014 GMT +6. The time now is 12:59 PM

Hey warriors, thanks a lot for all of your tips and insightful advices; I will take my time and try to reply to each of you individually with my thoughts.

A lot of suggestions have come up and I will be using them to my best. How the big earners make their big money? Do they earn it from one source or a combination of sources? What I have in my mind is to build multiple avenues of income (Services, Adsense, Affiliate Sells, Membership Sites) I don't think I should put all my horses into ONE METHOD -earn a killer living and then something happens and it goes away.

I say this because I have spoken to many who were earning a killing online, from one method and it went away and they are back to nothing again.

Tamal Anwar
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    Hi Tamal,

    Let me be the first to commend you on your ambition. Truly: the first step to making $10K a month is always wanting and knowing you can make it.

    There are literally thousands of methods available to you. And I struggle to suggest any one of them, because I don't know enough about your skills, experience, and passions.

    As some general advice, therefore, I would do the following:

    - Find an unsaturated niche with plenty of demand;
    - Create a landing page to grow a newsletter ("The List");
    - Disseminate helpful information to your readers that relates to the product
    - Grow your list with the usual traffic methods

    A general approach, granted, but it's a solid one and, without knowing more about you, it's probably the most suitable one to recommend.
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    My advice would be to decide what services you can offer to businesses and build up an authority site and start getting known in that particular area. Don't hide behind the computer screen - make phone calls daily, cold calling, Skype, approach people in real life, go to events and network.

    The more you put your face and your name out there, and show others that you can add value to their business, the more success you'll have, IMHO.

    All the best.
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    Hi Tamal!

    The key to getting to six-figures is to stay laser-focused on the key activities that grow your business. Every successful business is centered around the 3 CORE Activities...


    Your entire day should be focused around these 3 tasks.

    Sending traffic directly to a squeeze page where you can grow your subscriber list.

    Many people make the mistake of NOT building a list. And because of that, they continue
    to struggle. Because there is no platform, no audience, no fans.

    So the first key is to build your TRIBE - your subscriber list.

    But building a raving fan is much harder than simply acquiring a subscriber.

    Once you have a new subscriber, you must then work hard to earn a spot in their inbox.

    You do this by creating fun, personality-driven, value packed emails.

    From there you can start sending them to related offers. (Your own product or an affiliate).

    You can promote a product or service in almost all of your emails. The key is to
    combine storytelling and value with a related product recommendation.

    (This combination has worked REALLY well for us.)

    In terms of traffic, I highly recommend Facebook ads right now. They are by far one of the fastest and most affordable ways to grow your subscriber list.

    We're currently generating leads for 60 cents per subscriber. We've added 700 new subscribers to our list since the beginning of the year. (So in about 8 days)

    And those leads have already generated 6 sales with just a few follow-up emails.

    So as you can imagine - I'm super excited to see what happens over the next 30 days as we continue to nurture the relationship and provide massive value.

    Next comes the offer. This part is critical. Especially if you're wanting to scale to six figures.

    Selling your own products is generally the most profitable. Plus - when you have a high-converting offer you can then recruit affiliates and create a perpetual lead generator / traffic source.

    I wish I had more time to go into the 'copywriting' side of things. But what's worked best for us are sales videos. Literally just a video on a page. Then include your squeeze page as the exit pop so that you can collect subscribers. (This is especially important if you're getting any amount of affiliate traffic)

    But successful businesses are built by those who stay ULTRA focused on these key activities.

    Get really good at ONE traffic source. I recommend Facebook Ads right now.

    You then send them directly to your squeeze page, build a subscriber list, and send at least 3 emails a week.

    Avoid all shiny objects and focus relentlessly on building your tribe.


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    My advice would be to work with products that can bank you HIGH commissions.

    You want to work with products that can also pay you from the efforts of others.

    I have been online now for 11 years and can tell you from my own experience that it is easier to make MORE money with products that sell for $100-$1000+ rather then focusing on products that bank you anywhere between $10-$50.

    You also want to work with products that pay you residual income.

    In the above post, you have a lot of GOLDEN NUGGETS advice that you should focus on.
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    My answer is pretty much in line with Kim's. Classic marketing still works.
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    Yes I echo exactly what Kim is saying above, but I would also throw YouTube into the equation for traffic and also building a relationship with your subscribers. Good luck
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    Raise some good advertising funds, and advertise on relative sites in your niche.... advertise alot - almost everywhere in your niche - and monitor costs vs. profits.
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    When I see questions like the start of this thread I think, instead of asking "How can I get compensated X" I think a better question to ask is "How can I provide $X worth of value per month to people?" Its a simple shift but by focusing more on adding value than what you can make.. you might exceed your target. But by focusing only on what you can earn, you'll probably get caught up in a get rich quick scheme or something.
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    I think the biggest thing I learned for wealth creation is "leverage" .. multiplying your time through things like technology, hiring staff and investing in ways that generate a high return on investment.

    Unless you are a super talented athlete, movie star , etc. trading your personal time for money is one of the hardest ways to actually earn good money.

    Its far easier to trade the time of TWENTY people for $10k a month than it is to trade the time of ONE person for $10 k a month. So if you can earn $500 a month on TWENTY people you earn $10 k a month. That's the concept.
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    There have been many great points posted on this thread.

    I just wanted to add a few pieces that I believe are trivial:

    1. A SYSTEM - because you should be focusing on driving traffic it is best to have a system that will convert that traffic for you.... it means you have less to focus on. It is much more efficient to become an affiliate to a company that already has a broad product range (currently my team offers starting at $25 up to $3,000. in commissions) than to first develop products and THEN start taking the action.

    2. A MENTOR - work with someone who has DONE IT BEFORE YOU OR is currently working DIRECTLY with people who have what you WANT.

    3. THE MINDSET - in order to achieve you first must believe - I am sure I am not the first to share that tidbit with you!

    4. LEVERAGE - your time and your money. When possible outsource the tasks you are NOT into. Use other peoples strengths to compensate for your weaknesses, rather than struggling to do it ALL.

    5. SCALABILITY - You can start using FREE marketing (facebook, video, other social media, blogging, seo, etc.) As you are generating revenue invest in marketing you can SCALE UP as your revenues increases. Rather than having to develop multiple marketing skill sets stick to one paid strategy, master it and as your revenue increase - your marketing budget will increase - and your profit will increase.

    I trust you find value in these 5 tips to getting to the 10K level.
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    provide value. scale. make tons of money. simple
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    I started a web design and consulting service and i make around 20 to 30k a month but it is a very long process if you don't have the right information.

    To be honest I make most of my money for CPA and affiliate sales
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    Learn paid ads, scale on target audience... you can do that with cpa or wso offers, but you have to educate yourself so will be some money lost on the way. Then it'll be fast and easy money
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    Make a Goal and Go for it Simple
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    I'll keep it short and simple. The kind of income at the exponential growth levels you are referring to are characteristics of a successful product. There really is no way to get to that level of exponential growth in a short period of time in a service based business. So if you have started creating your first product by now, you are on the right track.
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    You're very smart not to put all your eggs in one basket...multi stream is the only way to go and put as much automation in place as possible. All the best to you!
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    1. LASER FOCUS - while coaching I often see people who try to diversify too fast. They think that they need to do the same as Richard Branson or Donald Trump and they try to run several businesses at once without getting even 4 figures from any of them. For most people is making no money and just spending money on joining fees.

    2. MASTER TRAFFIC GENERATION - again you need focus. Most people who start in IM field they are overwhelmed by the number of options available to generate traffic and they think they need to do everything. But the truth is, pretty much every superproducer uses 1-2 strategies and they master them. Go into depth instead of width. It is a pealing onion job.

    3. IDENTIFY MMAs and outsource the rest. MMA - is Money Making Activities, i.e. time spend in front of potential customers (or customers - upselling).

    4. PIPELINE YOUR TIME - HVA - create a pipline of your time to be focused on HVA - high value activities - 85% of your time. 15% of the time spend on necessities. Most people do it the other way around.

    5. WORK WITH A MENTOR - that is the biggest shortcut ever if you pick the right person.

    Good luck and make 2014 a magical year!
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