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I'd love to go into the dating and relationship and is currently working on a guide for women to attract and keep the man of their choice and not just any man.

Though the keyword search is relatively low but I believe that its under-served.What do you guys think?

Suggestions of other hot topic areas will be appreciated too>
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    Originally Posted by denoble View Post

    plese seee Webfireng - Small Business Success Forums - Index and let me know your view

    is it another forum? just like
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    Go check out Double you Dating by David De-Angelo - Real name Ebin Pagen. He is the ruler of that niche. I would say model him and your chances are pretty high.

    Good Luck
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    I just wrote some PLR articles on this very subject and the amount of information available is overwhelming. I don't know if it is overserved, but it is certainly not underserved! It has certainly got to be one of the top niches with the thousands of dating sites on the web.
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    you could do a website that talks about different dating services websites. There are plenty of dating networks out there you can promote, such as,, eharmony and amateur match. Thought that I would offer that.
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    Sell to men.
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    I think you would be better served drilling down one more level into the niche. Like said above the dating space is very crowded but you can easily make yourself stand out and increase conversion and interest by specially targeting a special segment of women and catering to them.

    Some ideas off the top of my head:

    Overweight women -> How to make him look past your outward appearance and into the real you

    Nerdy women -> How to fix yourself up before a date to beat out any other girl ("The Cinderella Effect" )

    Older women -> How to be attractive to younger guys in their prime ("The MILF Effect" )

    Younger women -> How to attract and bag a nice older guy to buy you presents and take care of you

    College women -> How to game and manage the social scene so you can have fun without getting a reputation

    Women whose partners have travelled away -> How to keep a long-distance relationship alive

    etc etc... You'd have to be very knowledgeable in whatever you choose of course, or find someone who is. But you can see the potential. I think any one of those (or other) niches can be enough for a nice little business.
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    I actually started a dating niche Authority site a few days ago and is work in progresss. I'm using different keywords relating to dating, writing articles myself targeting one keyword per article and adding CPA dating offers, text and banners. I can do proper on page SEO myself but get struck with backlinks as it's a boring process.

    I believe this is still a solid niche as people are always looking for true love.

    What do you wonderful people think?
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    it is always better to narrow down your niche

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