VBulletin and IDevAffiliate Anyone?

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I have seen a few forums around that have integrated IDevAffiliate and VBulletin, but I
haven't found any documentation on the task. vbulletin.org and vbulletin.com have not
been much help either.

I contacted idevaffiliate and though they are willing to help to an extent, they are
not familiar enough with vbulletin to be able to assist on that end much.

For affiliate payments to be counted, a CURL call needs to be inserted inside vbulletin's IPN
file (payment.php or payment_gateway.php) as follows:

site.com/idevaffiliate/sale.php?idev_saleamt=99.99&idev_ordernum=xyz&ip_a ddress=

From what I have been able to find out so far, there is a hook in vbulletin
'paidsub_complete' which is located inside payment.php and occurs when subscription
payment is completed - obviously.

Anyone familiar with this? Would the paidsub_complete suffice in this matter? Also, incidentally, the IP address necessary can be obtained from the IPADDRESS constant apparently.

Would love to hear some suggestions,

#internet marketing #idevaffiliate #vbulletin
  • Profile picture of the author John Motson
    No fellow php programmers around?
    • Profile picture of the author peteinoz
      Hey John

      I can pass on the details of my VB guy who can handle this for you..

      PM me if you want his contact details.. Im not sure if he's worked specirfically with idev, though Im sure it would be a piece of cake for him..



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