Anyone make money by commenting?

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I've noticed on yahoo articles and popular you-tube videos people comment with affiliate offers, like "work from home" etc.... Has one one tried this and had any success?

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    that's straight up spamming not my style
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    That is pure spamming. You know I see a lot of those lately and it is kinda annoying. I hope they could do better than that.
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    It is spammy, but it can be very affective

    I used to do it when I had no marketing budget, I managed to gain a lot of leads from this method to get me kick started
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    If you're gonna go black-hat, go black-hat. Stop listening to people on this forum (like me) and just decide if you want your brand to be associated with comment spam or not.
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    Hi Joel,

    All the time....but I use a different approach

    I comment to build relationships with bloggers.

    I build friendships.

    These friendships leads to guest post opportunities or interviews, or I accept guest posts from my buddies, which leads to money making.

    I treat my commenting more like a gateway activity than anything else.

    All the other approaches are spam.

    Give before you get.

    All the best!
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    I confess... as a test I did tried that once posting links below videos (who wants to throw the first stone? lol), but I did tried to be helpful and relevant on the comment below the YouTube video. But I learned it wasn't for me.

    For example, I had a CPA offer for a print-coupons-from-your-PC, so for every lead that downloaded and installed the toolbar in their browser I got $4.65. Four people downloaded it and I made $18.60 in 12 days before my post got down. I posted it in 2 coupon tips videos. I first searched for "couponing" in Youtube and clicked on Filters, then I clicked on "View count" to get the highest number of viewers for that search, then I posted a relevant comment like "Carmen's tips on this video on saving money with coupons is brilliant! Another thing you can do that I bet you didn't know, is ask the manager to give you an extra discount on your coupons and you could save even more. Go to this link to get free coupons: website.ur\GetFreeCoupons". Never use to mask your affiliate link, otherwise Youtube will automatically eraze your comment. Use another less known url-shortening service. I forgot the one I used. I then gave my comment 18 thumbs-up with different channels to keep my comment on top of all the other comments. Plus it made it look like people loved my post.

    Any-who, but I learned it wasn't worth my time just to get $18.60. I was expecting a lot more downloads. The videos were getting up to 100,000 to 500,000 views and my comments were below these relevant videos... are you kidding me?? That's why I didn't explored it further.
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    There are some styles and approach that can turn commenting into profit. I experienced doing it before with yahoo answers
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    If the comment does not contribute positively to the content that the poster has posted, then it is simply just spamming.

    However, if the comment contain useful content that contributes positively to the content, it will really add value as other people will be able to benefit from it.

    Too many people have the "Get Rich Quick" mentality until they do not have any patience to contribute positively to the content posted by the poster.
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    social media like facebook twitter a better way i guess
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    It's spamming but yeah, I know people who rake in a good amount of money doing this on YouTube. They use software tools to automate the process on large scale so don't think that they are doing it manually.
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    Spammy, short-lived...then you have to start all over again. The new currency is relationships.
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    Yeah buddy - When I am watching a YouTube video, and see that someone has just thrown their link up there; hoping to get people to sign up... I personally would NEVER in a million years click it!

    ...Now - that's not to say that you can't do it by providing value in your comment.

    (I don't know whether that would work or not; as I haven't tried it, but if you are going to leave comments; make sure that you add VALUE!)
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    Comment spam is not the best way to go, if you are interested in relationship building with your customers. If your product doesn't relate to the content of the Youtube video being shown, then it's spam. If you can reasonably draw a line between what you're selling and the video, then possibly you could justify that it's not spam. Now that's not saying I would comment spam on a Youtube video.
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    Never try it before and for sure will not try. It is just another way to fool people.
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    Commenting is only useful if you have something useful to say!
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    Get really angry when i see those! Pure spam! They contribute nothing to the post/video! That will do nothing for you - except maybe get you banned/denied by the moderator.

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    Well thats the whole idea is for people to leave where they got the information from in the "source" part at the bottom. If your affiliate product truly helps the person out, why not. I do not consider that spam! lol You wanna see spam just check your spam box in your email.

    You are in sales and how is anybody going to buy if you don't put out your link. Its just how you go about it.... Today really though you want to be leveraging your efforts and if you can be building a list or a following at your blog or something I feel you are much better in the long run.

    (im sorry, I was mis read for answers not articles)
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    Those really make me mad! Theyre pure spam & contribute nothing to the post/video!
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    Definitely only make money by commenting (useful comments, by the way), on blogs and forums as a means to building relationships. Then, build upon those relationships to get guest posting opportunities and to drive traffic to your site.

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