Ok webmaster geniuses, here's a real doozie for you to solve!

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Ok, so I've got a squeeze page I need to implement with a template website.

Here is the squeeze page link:

here is the website link:
Home Page

The website is hosted with godaddy. The optinpage is hosted on another server (thru xiosoftleadgenerator.com)

I need to force visitors thru the squeeze page before they go to the main site. I want to use the domain name Home Page for marketing.
How can I accomplish this feat? Ideas?
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    You could iFrame it (adjust width/height accordingly):
    <iframe src="optinpageurlhere" width="600" height="400" 
    frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" name="myInlineFrame">
    If your host supports url includes you could php include it,
    something like this:
    <?php include 'optinpageurlhere';?>
    Or you could view the source of the form you want on the page
    and use the info in the form you currently have on the page.

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    ...On a side note, I wouldn't put a woman's picture on the squeeze page with a man's voice doing the introduction greeting... Unless you're marketing to transvestites, it's a little jarring. :-)
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      I didn't think about that, but it is kinda wierd. I'll have a professional voice over soon, but just needed to get this up quick

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