Stomping The Search Engines

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Check out Stomping The Search Engines 2

I just got wind of this... wondering if it's really up to it's hype...

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    Anyone else waiting for them to start it up? It's past the time of the release!

    Plus all the hype that almost EVERY SINGLE newsletter I've signed up for is sending me an email telling me to check it out >_<

    • Profile picture of the author Bearded
      From the jv mail I got about an hour ago:

      Sorry we've been delayed getting the sales letter up, but we did
      literally bring down our server farm at 3.

      No worries though, we'll have it up shortly. We're HOPING for 4:30.
    • Profile picture of the author Ben Clemons
      no order button....
  • Profile picture of the author MarketingProInfo
    Can anyone help by providing me with a link to register as an Affiliate for Stompernet's 'Stomping The Net 2'?

    Regards, Steve.

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