Need A Virtual Assistant?

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Due to some unforeseen circumstances and unexpected financial emergencies, I need to come up with some money real quick.

Here are some of the skills that I can offer to any one who needs a virtual assistant:

- Setup an autoresponder and load with content
- Setup up a minisite with sales letter and payment link plus thank you pages.
- Setup a blog with any plugins necessary and and add content spread over time
- Answer emails
- Write and send emails to a list.
- Submit website to directories
- Submit articles to directories
- Research
- Plus miscellaneous tasks.

Now, I know you don't know me from Adam, but what I can say is I do know my way around a computer and how to use the Internet.

I am consistent and timely. PM me by letting me know what you need done and I will get it done for you right away.

Take care,

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