Who else wants to show us how to kill Google?

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Google Assassin

Google Killer

Google Snatch

Google Goggles (better than the rest)

Google Massacre (this one seemed like something out of Hollywood) At least agrees Google’s not the enemy.

Google Nemesis

Google … Who knows what else is gonna come up on the wild wild web?

Come on, do you also want to kill Google and send it into oblivion? Bring on the war!

I’m no guru basher; no I hate that because I too want to be a guru someday. Yet even if anyone labels me so, I don’t care! I am taking a risk talking about this and I know some ‘gurus’ especially those I mention or their friends who lick their boots may get pissed off with me. But someone’s gotta say this.

Truth be told; isn’t it ridiculous the way product launch after product launch comes up and the creator wants to commit grievous bodily harm to Google?

How about the affiliates who promote these products? I don’t think the do their homework by taking a look at these products before blasting a mail off to their list. In a space of one week I received a promotion from one guy I’m on his list for Google Nemesis, Google Massacre and Google Snatch!

What the @#$%!

What did it for me was the guy who created Google Nemesis also has a testimonial on the Google Massacre website! Makes the whole thing look like they’re in a friggin cult.

And in case you didn’t know the creator of Google Assassin and Google Nemesis are one and the same person! Now how’s that? This guy knows a whole lot about Google, don’t you think? Maybe he used to work with Google and wrote all the code they’ll use for the next bazillion years.

If you too are tired of the slew of Google murderers (as if anyone could kill Google) I’m sure you gotta agree with me.

You know sometimes I think the people at Google will log on to Clickbank, look through the listing for products claiming to know their secrets and then lounge on their easy chairs, put their legs on the table, throw their heads back and laugh their heads off at the nonsense. They’ll look with pity on us poor buying folks and feel really sorry.

Really I think the people at Google will buy all these stuff and read them to see if indeed there’s something in there. And if there is you had better be sure that they’ll plug the hole in no time! So if you haven’t got the latest Google Annihilator (is there something like that? Who knows?) and planning to, I beg you to save your dollars. By the time you get round to doing it, Google would have corrected their ‘mistake’ if ever you can call it that.

All in all it’s not all gloom and doom. I think that among the numerous Google Annihilating products (that name again. I think I’ll go register it) there are a few that look credible like Google Goggles (software) and Google Snatch. This is not an endorsement however so before you buy, make sure you do your due diligence first.

There I said it. If you’ve got anything to say about this post, do it. Let’s talk about it
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    I agree so much!! I spend so much money back in my noob beginning on all those products claiming to beat google. They are a waste of money. Now guides are a different thing those can prove to be useful.

    That thing you said about them being the same is quite interesting. Probably to receive some sales before people find out the product sucks.
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    Originally Posted by aikay77 View Post

    Truth be told; isn’t it ridiculous the way product launch after product launch comes up and the creator wants to commit grievous bodily harm to Google?it
    I'm guessing they assume most of us understand they aren't talking about hurting Google physically. That some don't may help explain why they can never make these products work for them though.
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      Well frankly, I'd rather figure out how to JV/partner with damn Google. Next product coming out.

      Google Proposal - How To Marry Google in 10 Days

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