2 launches, Great potential, pissed off customers...

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Last month, Frank Kern emailed his jv's.

He was giving away the whole Mass Control Seminar.

I constructed an email campaign for my list that included 4 solo emails.

I hyped the crap out of it because I believed it was a ridiculously good deal (and it was). I paid $2k to go to that seminar, and he gave it away for free.

It sold out in 18 minutes, and only *1* of my subscribers snagged a copy. Everybody else was all primed, and hit a "sold out" page.


Fast forward to today.

StomperNet has a similar offer.

I've seen it all, and it really is very good content. They're giving away Stomping the Search Engines 2, 7 modules of high quality SEO education, what would've been a $497 product, for FREE.

Awesome. My list will love it. They've ASSURED JV's that they have enough copies to last a while.

They're set to launch at 2PM Eastern. I queue up my mailing for 5 minutes before that, and wait for it.

At about 1pm eastern, the page changes. Now launch time is 3pm eastern.

I think, fine, they're having some server issues. I requeue my message for 2:55, and wait.

It sends.

I check the page. "NEW LAUNCH TIME: 3:30PM EST"


I really wanted my mailing to land as the doors were opening. People aren't going to go back every 5 minutes and check if there's an order button yet. Especially after being disillusioned with Frank's launch.

Now it's getting worse. At 3:30 nothing happened. At about 3:35 the page changes: "NEW LAUNCH TIME: 4:30 EST"

At 4:30 nothing happened.

At 4:55 the page changes: "NEW LAUNCH TIME: 5:30 EST"

Suddenly what could've been a nice profitable mailing for me is pissing off all my subscribers.

These guys charge $800 a month for their membership site. They're running multiple 8-figure businesses, and they can't meet a launch deadline.

And I know I'm just a small time JV. I'm sure Filsaime and all the other heavy hitters are sitting there just as pissed off as I am. It's been delayed *4* times so far.

Everyone who was looking is now just going to think "When it does finally go live, it'll sell out quick and I'll miss it." This is *killing* conversion.

Ever since PLF 2 came out all the major launches have gone like this:

Buzz Buzz Buzz -> Launch Time -> Server Crash -> Sold Out

This is now two large promotions that I've done to my list that have completely fizzled. And now I look like a jack ass.

Come on guys. Figure out how big of a server farm you need to handle the load, and buy twice that many.

UPDATE: Delayed AGAIN! Now it says: We're So Sorry. We're having server issues. This offer is STILL available and as soon as we can, we'll activate our order system

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